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Group Watch: What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

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  • babylonlurker
    Wayne Alexander again - wonderful acting as Lorien this time.

    And G'Kar's transformation continues. His story my favorite character story of B5. "I have never had a friend who wasn't a Narn" - and Marcus' reply - good stuff.

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  • Hal_10000

    Just another fantastic episode. Some highlights for me:

    Wayne Alexander as Lorien. Can you believe this is the same guy who played Sebastian? The compassion and warmth he brings to the role is astonishing - plus that little hint of menace in the early going.

    One of the highlights for me is the conversation between Londo and G'Kar in the cell. Anytime Peter and Andreas have a scene together, it's incredible. But the scenes over the next few episodes are astounding.

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  • Babylon5fan07
    G'Kar captured after his friendship Marcus continues to grow.. Sheridan let's go of his life in order to move on.. Londo and G'Kar really get their friendship going in high gear.. Delenn sees another message from Sheridan.. More tv time for Emperor Cartagia..we finally see Garibaldi after he's captured by the Shadows.... what's not to like about this episode?

    My all time favorite moment of this episode by far is the very last scene with Sheridan and Lorien talking as Lorien tells Sheridan the only way to move on is to let go and for me the greatest theme by Christopher Franke playing in the background (The Hope/Love Theme) you see Sheridan's flashback from Z'ha'dum one last time.

    I'm sorry to hear that your girlfriend doesn't like these last few episodes.. but let's hope that she sees why the episodes are slow after seeing the next few episodes as more plot lines are resolved.

    Great episode.. I LOVE THIS just a bit more than The Hour of the Wolf just because the (epilogue) final scene of this one.


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  • Group Watch: What Ever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

    Well, he got pushed back to TLT disc 2. Guess that sums that up. Or was he blacklisted for his political views? (*awaits a good thumping by Jan*)

    Just kidding.

    Knowing the outcome of this episode, the whole time I'm just sitting there thinking "nooo! G'Kar! Don't...go!" But, of course, he never listens to me. G'Kar has really changed so much over the course of the show, going out and risking himself so much like this to save a human. Would have never even been conceived of in season 1.

    We learn a little about Lorien, being "the first one", and Sheridan has a cryptic conversation with him. How come ancient races can't talk straight? lol

    Now I actually have a question about what happened to Garibaldi himself. In the little chamber where he's kept, is that voice in the background William Edgars? I don't remember.

    The Centauri Prime thread develops here a little, albeit slowly. Which leads me to my next comment: My girlfriend actually felt let down by the drop off in action and intensity from the end of season 3. Her comments by this point (the 5th episode of the evening we were watching, to be precise) was that "nothing is happening anymore."

    I didn't feel the same way, because I know how much is being set up here..but maybe it's like that to a new viewer watching in order, I don't know.