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Group Watch: The Hour Of The Wolf

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  • Group Watch: The Hour Of The Wolf

    It's been months since the last episode, and I can't believe he'd kill off Sheridan! That bastard! Just as I was starting to get to like him as much as Sinclair too...there's going to be hell to pay on the newsgroups, I tell you.

    This episode slows the pace back down considerably from the three episodes at the end of Season 3. We get a lot of exposition to reintroduce people to the show it seems. G'Kar goes on a search for a missing Mr. Garibaldi. While the army of light goes on their own search for the captain.

    A lot of exposition back on Centauri prime also, where we see Cartagia mixed in with the likes of Morden. Seems like Londo can't get rid of those shadows once he's made his disasterous choice.

    At the end...oh my god?! Sheridan? He's alive? How! Couldn't have seen that one coming...
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    Okay, so here's a question. We know Sheridan is dead now, but how exactly did he die? Did he hit the bottom and get smashed into a zillion tiny pieces which Lorien collected up and put back together? Did Lorien catch him in the air but he got flattened by the deceleration? Did the explosion barbecue him like it barbecued Morden? Or did he just get zapped by so many gamma rays that he died of slow radiation poisoning, and Lorien repaired the damage? The trouble is, the only one who actually knows is Lorien, and he never says..

    I hadn't really noticed this before, but it's interesting that the shadow guardian talks to Delenn and Ivanova in the voices of their fathers, which is exactly how Kosh communicated with G'Kar and Sheridan.. Hmmm, maybe the Vorlons and Shadows are more alike than they appear..


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      The Shadows did train the Vorlons.
      Andrew Swallow


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        First for the more interesting things..

        I loved the scene where G'Kar goes into Garibaldi's quarters wears the hat and coat and then talks about Daffy Duck being a God...I love it!

        The 2nd scene is when Londo steps outside of the palace and see's all the shadow vessels flying overhead just like in the dream he had which again means the future couldn't be changed..which in certain aspects is a little scary. Again this is where JMS talks about how the B5 future is neither an optomistic or pessemistic. But at the same time all the events that have happened due to dreams or time travel for one reason or another have happened and if I just sit back and take these episodes in.. I do get creeped out a little bit.

        What can be said about this episode except that it really is the Hour of the Wolf. I love the very beginning with the scenes from Z'ha'dum with G'Kar narrating. Everyone is taking a deep breath trying to figure out what happened and not a clue where to go from here. Garibaldi is missing, Sheridan has died by falling.. or has he? We see a strange alien of some kind sitting by Sheridan and we see the great captain's gold plate fall on the ground. I love Lyta now being a regular cast member and going to find and see if Sheridan is alive. What I love most about this episode is that even though it's the next episode after the 3rd season cliffhanger.. all the questions haven't been answered just yet. JMS has brilliantly cleverly keeps the audience waiting and wanting more. I agree with SmileOfTheShadow that I'm not sure if I could wait a week for each new episode because it's so captivating and it draws you in so much that your addicted. A++ episode.. talk to you again in Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?

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          Again I will emphasize Andreas' intensity in the speech at the beginning of the episode - this quiet voice, full of pain, yet wise.
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