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  • Group Watch: Messages From Earth

    The Earth plot thread really starts to pick up some steam here, as the Senate begins investigating Clarke. Also, we hear more about what was found on Mars, which has been alluded to several times in the story thus far, and has a nice part in the Psi-corps trilogy as well. We also learn how shadow ships work.

    Sheridan also takes off on the White Star on this one, and we get to see some action close to earth. It nicely develops Sheridan's willingness to take a stand and be a leader.

    It always amazes me by this point in the show how much the story progresses. Season 1 really just hinted at the storyline in some passing lines here and there. Season 2 we start to figure out what's going on in the universe. By the time you're in season 3, it's hard to stop watching the show. I've been finding myself up late nights I didn't want to just so I can get through the next part. And it happend around this episode here.

    Pretty straight forward ep though. Cool harder sci-fi elements with the whole gravity of jupiter being used for tactical maneuvers
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    This is another one of those "wow" episode that make your eyes pop out of your head. The story-within-a-story of what happened on mars is utterly captivating. It has that awe-inspiring punch the series could always bring in. And the screws just keep getting tighter and tighter.