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  • Group Watch: Exogenesis

    This episode reminds me a lot of that beginning part of Wrath of Khan where the creepy things go into the crew's ears. Freaks the hell out of me every time. I hate to think of parasites attaching themselves. Yuck.

    JMS does a good job of not letting you know the intentions of the parasites til the very end, where it turns out they have a very cool purpose. Almost like a nod to "Foundation", which is what it makes me think of at that point. We know JMS gives some nods to Foundation through Franklin as it is.

    I'm not sure, but this may be the start of the Franklin/Marcus relationship, which creates some nice banter in the episodes to come. It also marks the last non-arc episode for..jeez..I can't even count how many eps after this.

    Cute quote in regards to the episode from a question:

    Why doesn't Marcus wear a link?
    I just summoned up Marcus in my head. Here's what he said: "Because I won't wear the bloody thing, that's why. Bad enough you've got those pagers you wear in 1996, no privacy, no chance to get away, always at somebody's beck and call. Why not just put a leash around your neck and get it over with? It'd be faster and a good deal more honest. I'm down in the bar trying to be inconspicuous, dangerous characters on all sides, trying not to be noticed...and the link goes off, and I'm dead. Or at minimum seriously thumped. No, absolutely not. You'll never get me to wear one of those."

    Do you think JMS has an iPhone?
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    I've always found this to be one of the weakest B5 episodes in many ways weaker even than Grey 17, which at least had the Marcus/Neroon subplot.

    This one just seemed to be marking time in a rather ordinary way.

    I do like Corwin in it however.


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      I've always had a sneaking regard for this one -- maybe because I'm a big Marcus fan.


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        Oh.. i am too, Marcus was wonderful

        But this one still doesn't do anything for me.. so its not uncommon for me to skip this one.


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          I think this episode does okay, it doesn't really blow you away of course, but it has some nice character moments and an interesting idea in it. For those who know what is to come, it's a somewhat typical "silence before the storm" episode...