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    Also i'm not sure how much of Kosh's fight with Ulkesh was his own choosing and how much the influence of Lorien.


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      Originally posted by Ulkosh View Post
      This 'some must be sacrificed...etc' was nothing new to them. As far back as Midnight on the Firing line Kosh was already talking of letting the Narn and/or Centauri die. He didn't care then and he didn't care now. Its standard operating procedure for the Vorlons and all part of the manipulation and the game whether its Kosh or Ulkesh.
      Indeed they weren't even interested in saving lives only ideology.. so it doesn't even mean what G'Kar thought it meant.
      The rest of his conservation with G'Kar seemed to go agenst that IMHO. He seemed interested in saving both the Narn and the Centauri plus the idea that "it wont matter who started the conflict when both races are dead" is rather similar to the Shadow/Vorlon situation.
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