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JMS rare East Coast appearance

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    God im so jealous of you guys!
    I'd kill to go (well near enough). But it is a little out of my continental perimetres at the moment sooo.......

    Can you do us happy though gutted people a favour and take some piccies of the event to give us a taster of what we missed?

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      For those of you who are going, here's its location on MapQuest.
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        Can we get a head count on who's going to be there tomorrow?

        The g/f and I should be arriving around 9:30-ish to get a jump on the day.
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          Hey, Joe Nazzaro!

          You were the one collecting money and numbers so how many people were there coming for autographs, do you know?

          Speaking of cool, it was great of you to part with the trading cards you did. Folks, while we were in our little desks in the classroom that JMS was scheduled to speak in, Joe N came out with a bunch of trading cards autographed by various actors from B5. Some of them were Michael O'Hare, Pat Tallman, Reiner Schone (Dukhat), Damian London (the Regent) and Michael Ansara (Technomage). There were others but I don't remember who. Like JMS, Joe was letting us have them for $1 each. We all gathered around waving money at him. :-) I got three.

          It was great getting to meet and chat with you, too.

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            Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed meeting everybody on Saturday. Don't know how the rest of you feel, but I greatly prefer a smaller, more intimate convention than the monster cons with 50 guests where you don't really get to talk to anybody, most people spend a big chunk of their time waiting on endless autograph lines, and a small handful of fans with big pockets get to buy all the cool stuff on offer. And let's face it, how cool was it to sit in a room with less than a hundred people and chat with JMS for an hour? For three bucks, no less.

            And on the subject of money, I don't know how what the convention pulled in by day's end, but I would have loved to be at Hawthorne High School this morning when they found out. I do know (because I was the one keeping track) that Joe's signings brought in just under $1300. That averaged out at well over ten bucks a person, in less than three hours!

            If I hear any additional details, I'll be happy to post them here.


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              That's great news Joe!

              BTW, I noticed myself and a few others in the line around me threw down a few more bucks than was required to get our things signed. Was that a trend throughout the day? (And if so, Bravo to everyone.)
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                Yes, the trend was very much to throw in extra money. When you consider that there were a little over 100 people on line, and the total came out to nearly $1300, you can see what the average is. Yes, there was the guy who had nearly a hundred items to get signed, but I kept checking with JMS and he basically said he'd sign anything and everything as long as there was time, and he did. And the guy I just mentioned forked out a hundred bucks alone, so he was happy to put his money where his mouth was.
                Having said all that, it was the true B5 fans who were kicking in 20 bucks for a couple of signatures, so they were very generous indeed.