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  • Group Watch: Matters of Honor

    Wow time flies...I'm realizing that I'm going to have to post these much faster than I have been (which means more watching too) in order to get through the series or close to it by TLT.

    An Earth official comes around asking about the shadow vessel. Londo severs ties with Morden. And we get the USS Defia-...I mean the White Star. At least the White Star doesn't feel like "oh, we ran out of ideas to tell stories on a space station" like some other shows...

    The introduction of Marcus. I wish he was around since day one. Wonderful character, wonderful actor. Makes me sad that he's only around for two seasons.

    Lennier's comment of not all Minbari being comfortable with Rangers really hit a point in To Dream Of A City Of Sorrows, again, I suggest reading that novel.

    Even with the first episode...I really get that feeling that each season is better than the last. I love how this series builds. It's gotten to the point where I can't put the book down!
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    Cannot add much. A cool season opener, an interesting investigation about the alien ship (which leads to some funny moments), a good introduction for our beloved Marcus Cole, and a Shadow vessel in action - very nice done.

    Two very interesting and chilling moments were when a frightened Delenn recognizes the ship of the "old enemy", and when we are shown Morden in action in Earthdome. Very cool!

    Oh, yes, and the Markab are mentioned once again, which I liked. Wonder what Sheridan would have done if their race wouldn't have died out and no expendable jumpgate would have been around...