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    Originally posted by SmileOfTheShadow View Post
    Well, JMS is very I'd figure the harder the network execs pushed to get rid of it, the more he'd try to push the envelope within whatever guidelines they set in a clever way.
    Sci fi has had a history of pushing the boundries I spose although as I mentioned in another thread B5 did tend to avoid using "safe" methods(one off alien cultures, evil dopelgangers, alien possesion etc) to explore its themes.

    I think about this every time I watch this episode as well. Poor real Talia! But they sort of address it. Talia's pretty much already dead, it seems, and this new personality is a front. They already went into her head and messed with her, and that was the moment the REAL Talia ceased to exist. Creepy.
    I got the impression that the personality we saw on the show was the original one albeit being influenced by the sleeper at certain points.

    I'd guess JMS might have viewed it as a situation where it was best left unmentioned and left up to the viewer rather than covered too quickly in an episode that was already very full. The decision over what to do with the sleeper could have made for some great scenes aswell IMHO, "if its me please toss me out the nearest airlock" etc.
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      Originally posted by Macbeth View Post
      B5 was made in California, by Warner Brothers for UPN ...
      Actually it was PTEN, but that's not important.

      International markets were a bonus and in no way entered the thinking as to what would be acceptable or challenging to American television audiences and American sponsors, so your correction is a distinction without a difference.
      I know that but, unlike mine, your post doesn't give your location so you will forgive me for not knowing that you were not in the US.

      However, whilst my "correction" was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, it still isn't really valid to say that these things were happening for the first time on TV rather than the first time of American TV since many of us (like you) and not from the US and had seen them before in other shows.

      I guess I just sometimes bristle when anyone claims something is a "first" when actually it is only a first for certain groups of people - American or otherwise.
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