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  • Group Watch: And Now For A Word

    Ahh, the lovely media. Taking things, distorting things, only using brief clips that really don't give the context of the situation. This episode is just like real life, which is some of the beauty of Babylon 5. I love the little subliminal psi-corps message too. I love the creative/innovative episodes that B5 has to offer, and there's just so many of them. Way better to do something like this than do a clips episode to catch people up. And honestly, it's good for long time viewers as well.

    My question is..with the propaganda so heavy within the media as it already was, why did Clarke need to overthrow them later on? Weird.

    The reporter grinding on Delenn like that reminds me of a recent interview with Britney Spears where the reporter was really an ass and just kept repeating things like "So..what's it feel like to have people call you a bad mother?" And when she doesn't respond as wanted he draws it out and just asks again, "Yes, but it really must hurt to be called a...bad....mother...." It's like he's trying to break her down as hard as possible. Which the reporter here did to Delenn. I hate the media sometimes. I'm not a Spears fan or anything, but I feel that stuff like that is just uncalled for and does actually amke me want to come to her defense. The jerks.

    This might be a good spot to start B5 for friends of yours who have no patience. It does mean less of a payoff in the end, but it does work.
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    It was a nice episode to take a break from the usual lineage and drama even though the continuing story goes on with the Centauri but in a different way. It was nice to see Babylon 5 from the media's point of view even if they really honestly don't know what's going on. I agree the Psi Corps subliminal message was very well done. There isn't really a lot to say here just an episode that quietly shows stuff going on from the media's point of view.


    PS-as far as your question I'm not sure I know how to answer that
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    "Faith...Manages"--Delenn and Lennier from B5
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      Where I think this episode really scores, and actually where I think it wins out over Illusion of Truth, is that as well as the fly-on-the-wall view of B5 you get an exciting and worthwhile story involving the escalation of the Narn-Centauri war. I think it's actually really well-paced and re-watchable for that matter as well.