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Ever watch all of B5 start-to-finish?

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  • Ever watch all of B5 start-to-finish?

    I have. About 4 years ago I watched it from start to finish* in just three days.



    * I cheated a little. I dropped the crap episodes like TKO and Grail. Still, a lot of episodes. AND INTENSE DRAMA.

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    Each dvd that i got i saw the entire show (when i got season 2 i saw 1+2,when i got season 4 i saw 1+2+3+4 etc..)
    Fun fun fun
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      you did'nt like Grail?? I really liked it it was one of the better first seasone eps.
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        Heh well... Grail is probably my least favourite episode in the entire series... and I'm far from being alone in that regard

        Actually wait, that's not entierly true. Grail is my least favourite Season 1 episode, but my least favourite episode in the entire series is The Long Dark. Crummy writing, characters were off, scenes were actually not placed in properly, and the CGI was horrendous and pretty much blew any sort of climax the thing had built to. Good idea handled badly by a lousy writer which promised CGI they just couldn't do at the time.


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          The best of season one episodes in my opinion are Signs, B Squared, and Chrysalis. These three episodes alone contain more arcing content than the rest of S1 combined (plus theyre well written), making them the only eps in season one I ever bother to rewatch.


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            I haven't sat down to watch them all the way through in several years, but I did rewatch all of season 1 when it came out, and will watch the whole shebang again this summer, start to finish.

            When I rewatch a whole season or the whole show, I watch them all. I usually find out that there are things in the "bad" episodes that I didn't catch the first time or three watching it, and so allowing myself to skip the "unworthy" episodes just means that I pass up the chance to see something new and interesting. I don't look forward to seeing some of the eps, but even the "bad" eps are not awful and even the worst acting is mercifully over with soon.

            In fact, the only thing that lasts is the disappointment that Jinxo does NOT get scragged by the feeder.
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                Yes I have.

                When I was not working , Nothing really to do except watch B5 ( they were taped off the television so the advert breaks were still on ).

                Talk about eyes on stalks!
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                  Originally posted by grumbler
                  When I rewatch a whole season or the whole show, I watch them all.
                  As do I, as any "bad" episode of B5 is still a hell of a lot better then most of the stuff on TV. And you're right there are fun things to see every now and then... such as the "Linear White Star" in TKO for example that I didn't catch for a long time...


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                    doing it now

                    but not in 3 days...more like two to three episodes per night
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                      yep, did that, even the ones that made me cringe as they usually has the odd snippet of crunchy goodnes buried in them somewhere.

                      its not something i can do these days, one of the downsides to working is that i can`t afford to really unwind enough to do that anymore.
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                        Haven't watched all start to finish but have watched seasons three and four together over a couple of days. Just fast forwarded through commercials and any real slow parts


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                          I'm in the midst of doing that right now. I did skip TKO though...I just hate that ep. But hey, it's the only ep I honestly hate. Even Grail and Infection I don't mind, but TKO just annoys the hell out of me.


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                            Greg Mckinney, the actor who played the walker smith in TKO, died in 1998 of a brain aneurysm, defined as-

                            A cerebral aneurysm is a weakness in the wall of a blood vessel in the brain. Aneurysms can be a congenital defect or can develop later in life from conditions such as hypertensive vacular disease or atherosclerosis.

                            A burst or ruptured aneurysm allows blood to go into the brain. When the blood supply to part of the brain is reduced or completely blocked, a stroke may occur. The part of the brain deprived of blood dies and can no longer function.

                            Another quote:

                            Greg gave the ultimate gift - his heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas were placed with patients needing the vital organs.

                            One of the causes for ruptured aneurisms is taking severe impacts to the skull.

                            A link to his bio can be found at
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                              BUMMER, MAN!

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