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  • Video Blogs of The Lost Tales found

    Like most people eagerly awaiting The Lost Tales, I've been trying to find a possible Trailer, without luck. However, I did find a site with some video bolgs of The Lost Tales which includes partial clips from the filiming as well as interviews. These are definitely worth watching. When on the site scroll down for the video clips.

    If you go to this site and scroll down the page, you'll see that Terryl Rothery from Stargate SG1 plays an ISN reporter in The Lost Tales.

    Babylon 5: The Lost Tales: Directed by J. Michael Straczynski, Sara Barnes. With Bruce Boxleitner, Tracy Scoggins, Peter Woodward, Alan Scarfe. It's the tenth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance, and President Sheridan is on his way to Babylon 5 for the celebration. However, he must first deal with a threat from the future, while Lochley handles a case of demonic possession.

    I hope you all enjoy the links