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    So when can we see HD version of the trailer ? Has JMS mentioned anything on this ?


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      I realize I'm a little late on commenting on the trailer but after finally getting the chance to see the trailer..I'm more than just pumped up..I think hair was standing up on my arms and back of my neck. It looks GOOOOOODDDD!!!!

      I can't wait to see the movie and I really think this could really make a lot of strides with the fans and get B5 back in the drivers seat and really tie up some loose threads..if this is a success I hope that we will see a Crusade finale of some sorts.

      "The Babylon project was our last best hope for peace..It Failed...In the year of the shadow war it became something greater...Our last best hope for victory..the year is 2260..the place Babylon 5"--Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova (opening main title narration from B5)

      "Faith...Manages"--Delenn and Lennier from B5
      "Oh, boy, is this GReAT!!"--Stephen Furst as Dorfman (Flounder) from Animal House

      V--"For Victory. Go tell your friends"--Abraham Bernstein from V


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        Originally posted by raw_bean View Post
        You know I was just thinking the same thing. "And so it begins...There is a hole in your mind...What do you want?..No-one here is exactly what he appears...Nothing's the same anymore..."
        Yeah, that's exactely what I meant!

        Originally posted by RMcD View Post
        That video seems to have been created by randomly stitching together extracts from the episode promos on the five season DVD sets. A weird side-effect is that Trakis seems to have become the new face of B5, since you can't stop him appearing as you navigate the website..
        Yes, that's a really weird side-effect, and all in all those cutscenes don't really give a feeling of what Babylon 5 is about...
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