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Legend of the Rangers DVD sales

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  • Legend of the Rangers DVD sales

    Just an interesting observation. I have a twisted habit of following the DVD sales on Amazon. I've had this affliction for awhile now. Anyway, "Legend of the Rangers" used to rank anywhere from 4000 to 7000, on any given day, in amazon sales numbers. Its currently in the 400s. Crusade is also seeing a boost in sales. Strangely I don't think that the Babylon 5 series itself is getting as much of a lift as Crusade and Rangers.

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    With Peter Woodward being in TLT, I'm not surprised that Crusade has gotten a boost.

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      I was just going to post on this. I had also noticed it. I think part of it, is that on the page for TLT, they advertise Legend of the Rangers in a combo buy. I also wouldnt be suprised if alot of casual viewers skipped picking up Legend of the Rangers, or weren't aware of it.


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        Yeah I imagine it may be the casual viewer. However one might have thought that TLT's ascent to the top ten at amazon was fueled mostly by the hardcore fans.