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  • Lost Tales Date and Artwork

    In case you guys hadn't seen this yet:

    The artwork looks great and it appears that the visual scope of the show has taken a giant step forward. Can't. Freaking. Wait.
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    Originally posted by Kresche View Post
    Can't. Freaking. Wait.
    Me, either!
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      Holy SHIT i love it! the only let down is the lack of bonus features, but the hell with it
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        Looks good. Disppointed that it clocks in at 75 minutes. I was expecting 90 minutes. I guess that is a function of the 3rd story being postponed. But hopefully we'll have many more Lost Tale volumes.

        Additionaly I think the SRP of $24.99 is rather high. However I imagine that when it hits the stores it will be priced to sell at around $19.00, I think most new DVDs follow this pattern.


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          At this rate I'll take 75 minutes over no more Babylon 5 ever again. I love the art work and am very excited to see this to add to my B5 collection. And I'm sure or best buy if they carry it will have this new dvd by b5 for $19.99 like tim_fleming said.

          Boy am I excited..can't wait

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            That cover art looks pretty nice. Kind of disappointing it didn't end up at 90 minutes, but oh well. I'm sure they will be 75 minutes filled to the brim with story.


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              Mmm ... colour me slightly disappointed too.

              The dropping of the third story was supposed to mean that the two remaining parts were extended to 45 minutes each, at least that was what JMS told us. 90 minutes is a good fit for getting a TV broadcaset ... how does 75 minutes sit as far as that is concerned?

              Also, direct to DVD stuff is a perfect fit for bonus features. As you are making the thing to go onto a disk in the first place, bonus stuff can and should be part and parcel of the package.

              Given the dissing I have seen otherwise solid movie releases get on DVD where they skimp on the features, it just seems like setting themselves up for accusations of selling the fans short.

              That said, I am really looking forward to this, and now have to decided whether to go R1 or wait 5 and a half weeks for the R2 release. However, at 75 minutes with limited extras it just feels a little ... insubstantial.
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       doesn't have the artwork up yet but they've turned on pre-ordering.

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                  The "one bonus feature: Straczynski's Diaries" part seems a bit misleading. Both the plural in the title, and everything we've heard from JMS previously, indicate that the 'diaries' are a series of behind the scenes blogs and interviews.


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                    I'd point out that we don't really know. In his 4/15 post, JMS said that:

                    The B5 DVD has been fully delivered to WB along with finals on all of
                    the director's blogs, the interviews, and fireside chats. I'd expect
                    to see them online in a few weeks, one at a time.
                    I've seen at least some of the blogs but haven't seen anything resembling my concept of a fireside chat.


                    EDIT to add: Last night when I placed my pre-order, TLT was over 10,000 in sales rank. This morning as I post this it's 2,115.

                    EDIT again. The previous post was at 7:32 AM EDT on 7/24. As of 8:00, it's now at 1,108.
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                      #594 now.


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                        And now it has entered into the top 100 bestsellers list for DVDs on amazon. Wow. Babylon 5 fans are amazing.


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                          I can't preorder it..I have to make sure it arrives the day it comes out because I leave for hawaii Aug 1, which means I can watch it on the flight
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                            Current rank #95.
                            I got mine.
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                              more details released in second article on TLT at