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The Future of Babylon 5 and SF on TV

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    With this new business model the very reasonable question of "how will an unknown property get of the ground?" has been asked. Indeed, many of the MGM products in that list were expansions on already known material. Warner's first DVD release with this model was a "Dukes of Hazzard" prequel. I believe part of the answer to this question rests with the way the publishing industry works i.e. viewers can not be passive or ignorant about those who are producing the material i.e. they must know them the way they know their favorite authors. For example, I'd be very interested in what JJ Abrahms (Lost) and Ron Moore (BSG) would do with the direct to DVD market. Clearly I'd be interested in what JMS did (even outside of Babylon 5). New talent would have to be grown with publicity and marketing. For example, free DVDs of the first episode of a new product or free download previewing the new producty. Of course none of this is unfamiliar, this is sort of the way the theater and book business has been run for awhile


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      Tim I was reading your responce to this and I thought of how a blog ( YouTube ) made Snakes on plane rather famous. Though I have to say the movie completly sucked ( my oppinion ) it still drove people to go and see the movie. If I am not mistaken it was like 8 months before the actual movie hit the theater that the blogs and You Tube) had postings of the movie online.

      Now marketing wise for new series could possably be done this way. The model would fit the new generation of people using the internet and passing the information onto others. I am not sure if this could work in this model, but if it was good enough to make Snakes on a plane somewhat of a success, then why not.

      The years is 2260 and this is the story of the last of the Babylon stations