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    I really liked the Technomage trilogy by Ms. Cavelos and had no problem with her characterization of Morden. Rather than presenting him as a tragic figure, I felt she kept that open as a possible reason for his actions, but when you finally got to the heart of his character, he chose to do what he is doing for the Shadows. I will start the Centauri trilogy soon and I just hope it is close to as good as the Technomage series.


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      Damn, I really need to get hold of the Technomage and Centauri trilogies. I didn't read them at the time because I was so put off by the amateurishness of the first batch of B5 novels (I think someone called London Mollari even puts in an appearance towards the end of Blood Oath ).

      I wish they weren't so hard to obtain now.. I was lucky enough to find the whole telepath trilogy in a batch on ebay, and it seriously forced me to revise my opinions about tie-in novels, but I think the others (or particular volumes at least) are scarcer still.


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        The only book in the trilogies that is really tough to get is Out of Darkness -- the final Centauri novel. You can get it if you're willing to pay $30+ on eBay, but that is about the only way to find it these days. All of the other books are available (at least they were the last time I looked) on Amazon etc. I own all of the "JMS approved" books except OoD and I'll probably break down and buy it once I've finished reading the Psi-Corps trilogy.


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          Yeah, that one, and the middle technomage one, Summoning Light, both seem to be going for ú40+ (=~ 80USD) used, at least through the sellers on the UK Amazon site (one based in the US is charging ú241 for a used copy of Summoning Light!) At those prices I'd be afraid to open them in case I spilled something.. The others are readily available, but it's not much fun setting out to read two thirds of a trilogy. I'm going to have to think about how badly I want to read them, and weigh it against the odds of them being reprinted at some point.


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            Originally posted by RMcD View Post
            The main impression I took away from this book was feeling disappointed about the portrayal of Morden. Morden to me was always a sadistic, nasty piece of work with a giant ego who secretly got a kick out of doing the Shadows' bidding because he believed heart and soul in their philosophy and went along with it willingly.

            There was never a hint in the show of the nice, self-sacrificing Morden we see in this novel, even when the Shadows were gone and he appeared as a ghost in Day of the Dead. It didn't feel like the same character at all to me. That said, it has been ten years since I read it, so I may be mis-remembering.
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              I was very fortunate to find the 3rd book Out of Darkness at a used book store in Placerville which is 30 miles east of Sacramento for people not familiar to Sactown but I was able to pay just $5 for the book so before anyone goes to pay the full $50 and up for the book they should look around at used book stores first in there area and you never know. I found my copy on a whim out of the blue and trust me I didn't think twice. I just saw amazon carrying up to 10 users carrying the book as little as $41 or so and up just type in Babylon 5-Out of Darkness..hurry up just in case the price goes up. To me though the Centauri Trilogy is 100% worth it because I honestly believe Peter David truely stays with the characters as they were in the show. Londo, Sheridan, everyone stays true to the characters. Highly Recommended IMHO.\

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