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Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean....

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  • Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean....

    You know when news is this slow and things this quiet....I get a little nervous. I know its totally irrational but after Crusade, Rangers, and TMoS can anyone blame me?

    Shouldn't the final cut of B5:TLT have been turned in to Warners at this point? Oh I can see it now. They hated it and decided that it should never see the light of day. What were we thinking when we commisioned this?

    Actually the totally rational part of me sees no problems with this and has already budgeted money to give family and friends their own copy of B5:TLT on DVD. So what if they haven't seen the five seasons of Babylon 5?

    Actually that raises an issue. Has JMS ever indicated how easy it would be for the uninitiated to enjoy B5: TLT?

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    Can't say myself. However I believe that B5:TLT will be for the veteran fan. I'm sure it will have it's own stand alone story, as most B5 episodes and movies have. And if it's in the can...soon it will be in a box, on our dvd racks.

    I hope JMS is healing up okay....I'm sure when he can catch his breath and another milepost passes by, he'll drop another note our way....
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      Originally posted by cruiser
      You know when news is this slow and things this quiet....I get a little nervous. I know its totally irrational but after Crusade, Rangers, and TMoS can anyone blame me?
      I know what you mean; I already asked when would TLT be on pre-order, etc. I have Babylon 5 on my Mivx multimedia player, but that was not portable enough, so now I carry it on my Ipod during my evening commute.

      If Babylon 5 were a cereal it would be coco puffs, lol.
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        Here's to help quell your fears:

        1. They budgeted it.

        2. They spent allllll this money on filming and post production, leaving only the marketing costs left really and distribution.

        So, even if it was terrible, I'm sure they'd put it out with limited marketing at least to recoup their costs. I mean...look at some of the shows that have gone to dvd that really didn't warrant it and probably aren't so successful heh.

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          I have a theory that what's actually happening at the moment is that having independently produced what is, in effect, a television pilot, Warners are so impressed they're now actively scouting around for broadcast or even production partners for TLT (it seems they've already successfully secured a deal with Microsoft over XBox Live distribution, which may have encouraged them to push even harder in this effort).

          So it would make a lot of sense for them to have put a bar on releasing anything into the public domain until any licensing deals that arise have been hammered out. This would explain JMS' silence on the subject as well, and could potentially end up being a very, very good thing for us.


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            Yikes! I think I got whiplash in reading from Tim Fleming's paranoid original post to RMcD's super optimistic response! I sure hope that B5:TLT leads to more Babylon 5 goodness, so let's hope RMcD's theory is correct!