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    I have a question (you'll forgive me if this has already been asked, but I'm new to the forums ). Has there ever been any interest in doing a Babylon 5 game, AFTER the Sierra debacle. With the popularity of both mods and TCs (especially with Nexus: The Jupiter Incident), certainly a game in the B5 universe would be marketable. True, it would have to be done very carefully, but perhaps a game in the concept of Star Trek: Legacy, where you can choose what era to play in? It could start with the Dilgar War era, then progress to the Earth-Minbari War, then the Shadow War, the Earth Alliance Civil War... the possibilities are nigh-limitless!!

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    Well its funny that you mention it because a number of web sites (Aint it cool news for example) reported that JMS said (at last years San Diego Comicon 2006) that something was brewing in the way of a B5 video game. However there has since been no follow up on this. Who knows. After 2002 and TMoS debacle I never thought there would be anymore B5 so I guess anything is possible.


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      There have been talks of a new game, but since there is no official announcement (AFAIK) I suspect the talks are all that happened. Maybe if the Lost Tales DVDs are a runaway success those talks will results in something.

      There is an unsactioned freeware game (I've Found Her), coded by fans, which depending on who you ask may be guilty of copyright violation (anything that relates to B5 belongs to WB), or fair use (it charges no money).

      For links to that game, and a repository of mods for other games, might be the best place to visit (that community originated around the Sierra Game and its cancellation).
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        Originally posted by Capt.Montoya View Post
        For links to that game, and a repository of mods for other games, might be the best place to visit (that community originated around the Sierra Game and its cancellation).
        Of those mods, let me recommend The Babylon Project as being the best of them. It started out as a Freespace 2 mod, but now has progressed far enough that it no longer requires you to have the game to play.

        It lacks the Newtonian physics that IFH has, but I feel like it's a more fully realized game, at least in terms of craft variety. Also, was a lot easier to obtain; getting IFH (and then getting it to run properly) was a nightmare I do not wish to relive...

        Anyways, neither of them have really progressed to being a full-fledged game but they're a lot of fun and have helped fulfill that B5 space simulator need I've had for well over a decade now. Still can't say I've ever gotten over the whole Sierra thing, but it's an imperfect universe...


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          Space combat sims have really fallen out of favour over the past decade or so, which might explain why no one has tried it since Sierra. But the Firefly MMORPG gives me hope that someone might attempt something similar for B5 one day:

          And if there's ever a B5 movie (here's hoping), the licensing deals and resurgance of interest should guarantee a game or two..


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            Old subject matter, but recently became current for me.

            Is/has there been anything recent (2008/2009) in regards to news about the B5 MMORPG?

            Thanks for any info


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              The last mention I can recall might have been at Comic-Con last year when a fan asked JMS about a game that he'd mentioned a while back. His reply was that it was another low-budget scheme and he'd vetoed it.

              Don't know for sure it's the same game but that's the last I can think of.

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                Hey Jan,

                Thanks for the info. Most other info on a possible game is over 18 months old. I think a game put out by Blizzard or Cryptic could possibly do well.