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  • Centauri among us?

    It seems there is a Centauri female in the UK. Maybe on earth, they keep their hair in the male's style.

    Police needed an extra wide lens to take this mugshot of Anna Clifford, pulled over after her hair-raising driving caught the eye of the police.

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    Amazing, wondering what on earth is used to make that thing besides hair.
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      Originally posted by Aezvina
      Amazing, wondering what on earth is used to make that thing besides hair.
      Probably a combination of substances which very quite possibly include wax, water-soluble glue, and/or even egg whites.


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        While the article is from a UK publication, the incident took place in Memphis, TN.


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          Good catch. I didn't read the story, just noticed the picture and thoughts folks on the board might appreciate it.


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            Welcome, G'Quon!

            My first thought was that this person must be a Centauri Deity with hair that high!

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              Centauri Female

              When I saw the original post, I was half expecting to see a photo of Britney Spears with her new hair-doo (don't).

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                Whilst we are on the subject of the Centauri, one thing regarding them that always bothered me (It also relates to JMS stating that he he tried to eliminate any obvious logic flaws)...

                If the Centauri are a republic...why do they have a monarchy, a deified emperor no less?

                I suppose that it was one example of JMS running out of titles for governmental collectives.... Narn Regime, Minbari Federation, Earth Alliance etc

                JMS (On the Sunday night before the Monday morning when the script has to start doing the rounds of production companies) :- 'Now, what can I use....what do I have left...the Centauri....erm...erm the Centauri...erm...REGIME! Er, no hang on. I've already used that one...DAMN DAMN DAMN....' and so on

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                  Rome had a republic, a kind of congress even, and yet it still bowed to Caesar.

                  Just think of it like England is now, except reverse the power between the Queen and Parliament.
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                    Except, of course ... England (or the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) isn't a Republic.

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                      That always puzzled me as well, but I suppose the Rome analogy Radhil suggests is actually pretty exact (a Republic with a senate and an Emperor - whomever has the most clout and / or support can succeed). The confusion arises, I think, when it's occasionally referred to as a monarchy, which it isn't.


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                        Yeah, Rome is obviously a great inspiration for the Centauri...
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