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    Originally posted by Jan View Post
    What episode is that from, SJ? I can't bring it to mind.


    I don't remember the exact episode but it's at some point in Season 5. IIRC he's in a room in the palace with Vir. He's complaining about something and he says something like, "And now for my next trick I shall fly about the room under my own power". It's not a particularly notable scene so it would be easy to miss. It's his accent and my own personal visual that puts me in stitches

    Edit: Okay, I found it in "A Tragedy of Telepaths" and I must hang my head in shame because I forgot it was G'Kar in the scene. My only defense is that I haven't watched B5 in awhile. Anyway, Londo and G'Kar have to sneak Na'Toth from Centauri Prime "without killing any guards, raising any alarms and without anyone noticing. And for my next trick....".
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    Flying around the room under my own power.


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      favorite line

      I think my favorite line has to be from the episode where Sheridan is being sworn in as ISA President:

      G'Kar: Do you still want to be president?
      Sheridan: Yes.
      G'Kar: Put your hand on the book and say 'I do.'
      Sheridan: I do.
      G'Kar: Fine. Done. Let's eat.

      Just the sheer exasperation in G'Kar's voice is enough to make me laugh... working so hard on his presentation, and at the moment of truth, its only himself, Sheridan, and Delenn who get to hear it! Priceless!