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    Originally posted by Marsden View Post
    I always wondered why San Diego was uninhabitable after all that time. I know radiation was the stated cause, but couldn't it have been cleaned up by then? Hiroshima is certainly no wasteland.
    No indeed, but the Hiroshima bomb was small fry compared to what current nuclear weapons would do, never mind fictional nuclear weapons 200 years into the future.

    24 years on, I believe there is still a significant exclusion zone around the remains of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant after the disaster, and the nearby town of Pripyat still lies abandoned. A report a few years ago also reported that radiation levels are still more than 10 times the normal background level.

    It is also estimated to be up to 200 years until farming will be permitted on the surrounding land due to the effects of radiation.

    I therefore have no problem in accepting the notion that San Diego is still a wasteland at the time the B5 series was set.
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