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Season 5: Did you cry?

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    When I misted up

    1) Sheridan's leap of faith on Z'ha'dum
    2) G'Kar's scream in front of Cartagia
    3) Ivanova on the bed with Marcus standing vigil (White Star)
    4) Sheridan hugging Delenn the first time after he was freed from the prison on Mars
    5) The destruction of the last orbital platform in the battle for Earth
    6) Marcus' death
    7) SiL

    Didn't cry, but was definitely jumping and waving my arms around to keep from doing it.
    "Ivanova is God!"


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      I am NOT reading that message above

      Yeah sure, theres always the voice thats gonna be saying ''B5 come back! Dad don't die! My cake! In the rain!'' In that respect I completely agree. Our cakes should not be left to sour in the rain.

      But Babylon 5 was, like everthing else, mortal. It was going down. But lucky for us it went down in a blaze of glory, and not a in an asstral fart of humiliation (like crusade).

      As to dying, my view is that, yes it does matter how you go out, but not to you. You cease to exist.

      And no amount of pouting, sobbing, whining, hand-holding, belly-aching, sentimental wallowing, hair splitting, sacrificing, self-sacrificing, humming, singing, day-dreaming, death-denying or wishfull thinking is gonna change that.

      Just throwing pie in the sky here dont mind me.
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        SpooRancher...Dare I say, you are a softie! Perhaps even a wimp. But at least an honest one.

        I apologize for the spoiler topic. I should have more respect for you U.Kers as I am in fact a British citizen myself...only lucky enough to be born & raised in Canada.

        Good turnout for this. Keep it comin'! Let's see lots of votes, I wonder how many people are avoiding this thread..hehe.


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          Lucky enough? Why? Because you get B5 sooner there?

          No shame in getting sentimental over B5. Though there are limits (not implying anything with that). I actually shed a tear once while watching ''Dust to Dust'' (or was it ''Interludes''). At that point G'kar kinda reminded me of me.

          Of course after I watched Londo's blooper in that scene (''You wouldn't believe this but three wine coolers, and im buzzed!''), it totally spoiled whatever lasting emotional impact the scene had on me (I laughed every time I saw it afterwards).
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            don't cry for me Argentina...

            Mmhhh, many of you'd find this hard to believe, I didn't cry in Sleeping In Light.
            I guess I knew it was gonna happen, it's sad, but it wasn't unexpected.
            I do get emotional remembering it.
            It is one powerful ending, and the performances by Mira Furlan and Bruce Boxleitner are excellent.
            And I had heard for years (Lurker's Guide has the comment) that it was likely that SiL would make people cry, so I braced myself to not cry.

            It was the "changing of the guard" scene in Objects at Rest that almost got me crying. Very emotional, here the ones that started and changed it all go away and leave it in the hands of others. Powerful scene.
            And you might notice that they used the very same music for that scene that in SiL.

            So let's give Christopher Franke his due...
            He knew how to play our strings....

            I did cry with B5, but not in season 5...
            Marcus finally saying to her, like he had wished to do for so long, "I Love You" as he lays his head next to Ivanova and gets ready to give his life for her, knowing he will never wake up.
            Took me by surprise.
            It was very moving.
            And Jason Carter's delivery of that line and acting on that scene was spot on.
            Damn it, just by remembering I feel teary eyed again.

            Maybe it's how much I liked Marcus and his relationship to Ivanova was always a good part of the story to me.
            But I think that even if that wasn't the case it is a very moving scene.
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              I agree with the good Captain about the changing of the guard scene, which I believe has a very high emotional content. It really brought home the fact that this phase of the series was ending, which I found more distressing than anything content related.

              As to SiL, my wife commented that she thought they were trying WAY TOO HARD to make you cry. I liked it myself, but no crying.

              So my answer would be NO.
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                I dunno, I tend to disagree with the thought that they were trying to make you cry per se... just because I've seen a lot of TV and movies that do scenes where they really *do* try to make you cry only for the sake of trying to make you cry, rather then depicting an event. SiL, to me, had the feelings of a story... a sad story mind you, in some respects, but simply a story that was made to end a greater story, and if it made you cry along the way, that's fine, but it wasn't their intent.

                Moreso I think the intent of SiL is to simply bring an end to this book we had been reading for 5 years, to leave you with a sense of closure. Most people came out that way... some people left just feeling emotionally charged, a lot of people showed that in the form of tears. Whether you do or not, it's pretty irrelevant... it's designed to make you feel, and to bring closure to yourself and what this story has meant for you. In that regard... I know it suceeded.

                Personally, I've watched SiL a lot, and I'll admit, I've cried a couple times in different places throughout the episode. But the first time I watched it... there weren't any real tears until the oddest of spots: the credits. Something about seeing those characters for the first time and then for the last time... just killed me.


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                  Re: don't cry for me Argentina...

                  Originally posted by Capt.Montoya
                  ...So let's give Christopher Franke his due...
                  He knew how to play our strings....
                  Yep. I have always maintained that, next to JMS, Chris was the one most responsible for making B5 so memorable. Had any actor been replaced pre-start with anyone sle, it would still have had the emotional resonence. Someone else scoring, though, would have changed everything (and did, actually, in the pilot).

                  JMS once noted (sorry, too lazy to look it up) that the impact of SiL was there when CF finished the music, even though the FX weren't added for almost another year.
                  I believe that when we leave a place, part of it goes with us and part of us remains. Go anywhere in the station, when it is quiet, and just listen. After a while, you will hear the echoes of all our conversations, every thought and word we've exchanged. Long after we are gone .. our voices will linger in these walls for as long as this place remains. But I will admit .. that the part of me that is going .. will very much miss the part of you that is staying.


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                    Well of course. How could you NOT cry at two lovers saying goodbye for the final time? It's the most romantic scene ever...


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                      The first time I ever saw SIL was when I was midway through season 3, and SPACE (canadian TV) had a Boxing Day Marathon....14-16 hours of straight Babylon 5! I couldn't miss it, even though I hadn't completed the series. So, with my wife (at the time, GF of a few months) I sat down to watch it. She left after a half-hour, came back much later to go to bed, and was woken up by wracking sobs when the station was removed from our lives forever. No matter what people nowadays say about the comparatively low-quality SFX, nothing I have ever seen compares to that. May as well compare a candle to a supernova........


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                        damn right i cried, which came as a complete shock to me.

                        SIL totally put me over the edge, i don`t think it would have happend without C Franke`s music, his music puleed on my heartstrings from the very start of the seres.
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                          Though I am not known for crying ...
                          there were notably a couple of moments that got me.

                          1. When G'Kar forgives Londo. Probably the most powerful moment in the B5 series. This moment still gets me.

                          2. When Sheridan wakes in "Sleeping in Light', Delenn approaches him in her 'Sunday best' and makes the comment that she had heard from a 'reasonably good source that today is Sunday ..." her courage in the face of that moment and their touching goodbye did me in. (Although I found it odd that they didn't kiss)

                          3. When JMS shuts off the lights on the station and it is blown apart the musical crescendo hits me and *eyes well up*

                          4. During the narration by CC she speaks of Delenn getting up every day to watch the sun rise and Sheridan's image appears behind her ... *eyes well up*
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                            I cried during SIL but that's it.