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Sheridan and Centauri Prime

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  • Joseph DeMartino
    It isn't like this question hasn't been raised before - and answered by JMS. I pulled up a bunch of posts with a simple search on "Sheridan", "Keeper", "future" in the JMS post archive.

    Y'know, this discussion kinda baffles me to some extent.

    For starters, Sheridan was only in the future briefly; he was
    being beaten and was confused and not sure how much of it was real; he
    doesn't know if his going to Z'ha'dum *changed* any of that
    future...the events he did see were 20 years down the road, and there's
    no way for him to know (as we know, the audience) what connects to
    what...he sees only destruction, and that could have happened two weeks
    before (there's no rule that says a capital city can be bombed only
    once) way to know if the keeper may have been implanted days or
    months before. To try and impose a quick understanding of events 20
    years down the road on things happening right now, without knowing the
    context, would be don't need a keeper to start a war, or
    half our own leaders here would have had keepers on them.

    [snip discussion of Delenn's pregnancy]

    People are assuming that what *they* know as the audience,
    Sheridan knows, which he does not...and assuming that he knows
    everything that is to come, or what it means, or how it happens, or in
    what context, which he does not.

    His memory is not faulty.

    JMS on Compuserve 6 Nov 1998
    It's real simple. That vision was almost 20 years in the

    At what point should Sheridan assume the Keeper landed on Londo?
    For all he knows, it got there a week before. Nothing in Londo's
    behavior in the present B5 storyline says "keeper." People start wars
    all the time without the necessity of having keepers. Londo has
    certainly had his changes and swings in mood prior to having a Keeper.
    WE know this because we have privileged information which Sheridan does

    If Londo had said "I got this thing in x-year," then that's one
    thing, but absent that...there's no way for Sheridan to know that he
    didn't get it 10 or 15 years down the line...and, equally, no way to
    know what future events he might change -- possibly for the worse -- by
    trying to warn Londo. (And, in fact, if he did try to tell Londo about
    this, the Drakh would realize that Londo had been compromised, and they
    would probably simply kill him and bring someone else into that Sheridan's right in that respect.)

    JMS on Compuserve 12 Dec 1999
    >Why theheck doesn't Sheridan try to warn Londo about what he saw?? <

    This comes from not separating out what we the viewers know, from what the
    characters know.

    What Sheridan knows is that 17 years from now, Londo had something on his shoulder called a Keeper, which may or may not have a direct connection with the apparent attack on Centauri Prime by Shadow allies.

    What he doesn't know is, did this happen 16 years ago? Or six months ago?
    What process led it to happen? What should he be warning Londo *about*? We saw the result...but what process, what event should he warn Londo about to avoid this? He doesn't know that the Regent has a keeper, the Regent could be acting in these ways for his own reasons entirely.

    Further, there's a certain trickiness about time stuff. Okay, so he warns Londo about something he doesn't really understand...does he now change the future? Does he have someone else other than Londo now on the throne, who won't spare his and Delenn's lives?

    There are too many variables, and not enough actually known by him, to say
    anything that would be of any use to anyone.

    jms on the moderated newsgroup 3 April 1998


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  • Hal_10000

    Again, remember the nature of prophecy. What did he see? Centauri Prime in flames. A keeper on Londo. He doesn't know what happened. I didn't know. I assumed it was an open war, not a secretive Drakh bombing.

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  • vacantlook
    It's not like the Centauri haven't been openly hostile toward the rest of the galaxy before.

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  • SLerman
    Originally posted by Mutai
    and then later when the centauri start acting real strange, he doesnt seem to question it.
    As JMS would say, people don't need to be under alien influence to start acting strange; plenty of people right here on Earth do plenty of irrational things without having a Keeper attached to their necks.

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  • moreorless
    Its still a pretty big jump to make as Londo doesnt tell him the details, I'd guess he assumes some shadow allies attack Centauri Prime directly. Even then he may well believe that his actions in going to Z'ha'Dum have indeed changed the future.

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  • Mutai
    started a topic Sheridan and Centauri Prime

    Sheridan and Centauri Prime

    I have watched B5 through 5 times now, but one thing has always bugged me. I love Sheridan, but I don't get how he doesn't see what is happening to Centauri Prime sooner. He has the vision and sees the destruction of centauri prime (possibly believes he can destroy Z'ha'Dum and avoid it?) and thne after lyta destroys it, is as dumb as to question where there drakh are going, and then later when the centauri start acting real strange, he doesnt seem to question it. i have yet to read the last book of the centauri prime trilogy due to the fact it costs $70 here in the states and i had to order it with a 6 week delay internationally, so if this book explains sheridans incompetience please disgregard this post, but not picking up on the drakh infiltration of centauri prime seems against everything else we've seen from sheridan.