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B5 Movies Box Set (Region 1 DVD)

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  • B5 Movies Box Set (Region 1 DVD)

    Hi, i live in the UK and have a Multi-region DVD Player. WB has released a Movies boxset (which only contains Thirdspace/River of Souls/A Call To Arms) is the UK, and have released The Gathering And In The Beginning separately (With No Special Features i Might Add). Is it worth importing the Region 1 DVD set, does it contain any Special Features and if so are they Good?

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    Commentary by: series creator J. Michael Straczynski, along with key cast and crew members for each movie.

    New introduction by creator J. Michael Straczynski to each of the five movies: In The Beginning, The Gathering, Thirdspace, River of Souls, A Call to Arms.

    "Creating the Future" - a featurette about how Babylon 5 and Science Fiction influenced each other.
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      I did. It's not really that expensive if you can find a place with decent shipping cost, and the commentary tracks are indeed pretty good. Plus the R1 boxset has the much better re-cut of the Gathering, where at least some R2 releases of the Gathering DVD still contain the old one (although I've heard that the UK did get the good cut, so this is mostly a concern for us continental Europeans). Plus, there are some odd things they seem to have done to some films in their region 2 version. For instance, the German boxset I ordered from (and that I ended up sending back to the pretty helpful German Amazon costumer service for a refund) contains a version of ActA where I could swear that some of the early comped scenes were cropped from to widescreen from a 4:3 frame, where I know, looking at the R1 version I now have, that there are widescreen version of those scenes made.


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        Ok thanks for the advice. i just bought it off of