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What Happened to Na'Grath

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  • What Happened to Na'Grath

    i'm watching a parliment of dreams and G'Kar goes to Na'Grath then i remeber that in season 3 or 4 we are told that he went down

    so what happened? both story wise and for real wht they stopped using him

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    Plenty of decent responses from JMS himself.


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      <nitpick> n'grath </nitpick> Story-wise, I'm not sure we ever really found out. Wasn't it in 'Grail' that Deus seemed to be trying to take over everything shady in DownBelow? In reality, JMS simply wasn't satisfied with the way the creature workeonscreen so he went away. JMS wrote in the script book that he really wished the character had worked out better.

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        maybe i'll get lucky and he'll show up in B5:TLT could make an interesting story as to how he went to jail and then came back to b5, or maybe we will see more of his race


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          By the time Na'Grath vanished I'd say the need for that kind of character had dropped off aswell. In the first half of season 1 you had lots of stand alone stories that needed an organised crime figurehead for people to go and visit, after that the larger stories took over and when we did see crimals they needed to be more active(the guy who kidnapped the presidents doctor for example).
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            As N'Grath would've said:

            Better insect puppet. Very difficult. Expensive. Require more money.

            Or was that Doug Netter?
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              Couldn't n'grath have molted or something into a better design?