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    one could argue that having PAID for the set i also paid for the rights to use the material as i saw fit as long as it was not for general public consumption and thus obtaining digital copies is perfectly within my rights un copyright law in the us (and the law on these type of issues is far frm clear) now if i claimed that becasue i bought the latest anne mccafrey book thet i could legally download the audio version under the smae basis then i would be in error. but on the whole i tend to agree stealing is stealing IF its stealing ans thas where the issue becomes muddy


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      However legitimate you may feel your own claim to download the materials is having bought the originals (and I confess I don't know what the answer is on that one), I would guess that the torrent had been illegally ripped and placed out there for others to download.

      Whilst fair use could be argued for making your own digital copy as a backup in case you damage or lose the original, the same rule doesn't apply where you download a copy made by someone else. If the rip is fundamentally illegal, then it is also illegal to download it no matter the circumstances.

      Haven't we had this conversation recently? Or was that over on B5TV?
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        Yes, we've had this conversation recently. As has B5TV. And the moderated group. So let's not do it again this soon or in this forum. Suffice to say that, like sharing around files with the unproduced scripts, downloading isn't something that's going to be encouraged here. Any further debate can be taken to PM or email.

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          <kicking self for not having a chance to reply before Jan queered the thread>


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            When the TNG boxsets were released, there was a thread over at about the Chinese version at $50 a set on eBay. Anyway, someone did buy a set and the only difference was the packaging had Kanji lettering instead of English. The discs themselves were the same as the ones you could buy in the States according to the poster.

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