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    Originally posted by SmileOfTheShadow
    Can't change destiny, eh?
    What can I tell you? Life's a bitch and then you go beyond the Rim.

    Joseph DeMartino
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      Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino
      Irresistable nitpick:

      When Londo asks, "What do you want?" and Luc replies with "Tell me a story", Senna admonishes Luc for his impertinence. Londo's reply is addressed to her, not Luc. "He did a far better job with that question than I did."


      WHOOPS! You're right.
      Ah, brain degeneration from old age and alcohol abuse is not something that goes lightly on you...
      What's up Drakh?


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        My Take

        On this fascinating discussion:

        (1) Keep in mind, Londo is very old-fashioned. His hair, his attitudes, his reliance on prophesy, his sense of honor. Cartagia *specifically* rejected old mores by cutting his hair short and Kiro scoffed at prophecy. Many people have dreams of being killed or being about to die -- I certaintly have. Londo remembers his because he is superstitious. Others don't because they aren't.

        (2) One of things JMS hit again and again was *context*. We knew from day one that G'Kar would kill Londo. What we didn't know was the context. We knew that Sinclair and Delenn would be on Babylon 4 after it vanished. We didn't know the context. And without all the details, you can't live your life in a bunker. If you a vision of being killed by Narns, you can't then pass up your chance at power because of it. If you have a vision of being murdered in your own throne room, you can't refuse the crown.

        (3) Remember that B5 was a 45-minute show with an ensemble cast. it's possible Cartagia or Refa had vision of their deaths. But the show wasn't about them. It was about Londo. You only have 45 minutes x 110 episodes to tell the story. And you have to focus on what's important.

        The prophecy aspect -- and its harking back to Shakespeare and Greek tragedy -- is a wonderful aspect of B5. The Sybil always gave ambiuguous answers -- seers always have. It's how you keep a high batting average. But prophecy often leads to overconfidence (think of the Scottish Play) or bring about the very events that cause it (Oedipus). B5 was absolutely steeped in classical literature. It's why we love it.