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Mongoose/JMS conflict update

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    I'll bet you're better punctuated in real life. Just a hunch.

    Usually except when I am not in a rush .
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      Someone reposted JMS's response in the Mongoose forums here. Sprange responded to it, saying they're still in talks to resolve this:
      Hi guys,

      A quick note here, as I cannot say too much at the moment. However, it seems that this situation has arisen through (surprise, surprise) a great amount of mis-communication via third party. We are currently in discussions to resolve the issues.
      The levels of miscommunication that have been going on if I would belief either of these men is getting kind of staggering, isn't it?

      Anyway, I do hope he isn't talking about us reposting his messages on the newsgroup, since I think both me and Joe were careful to quote entire paragraphs and not misrepresent his statements by pulling things out of context. So unless he has a third party write his news posts for him, reasonably that can't be it, right? So I do wonder what third party he is bringing into the equation here as an excuse.

      However, JMS's problems seemed to be on a more fundamental level than miscommunication, namely lack of perceived quality and writing skills, which are I think a bit harder to 'resolve in discussions'. But if there has been something else going on the private side of their communications, then that isn't really my business or my place to speculate.

      I'll just leave it at saying that I still would like books that both match the trilogies level of quality and canonicity, and leave it open where those books may or may not come from.
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        I would imagine a company of Mongoose's stature would be unable to cough up the kind of money needed for writers of the calibre of Greg Keyes, Peter David and Jeanne Cavelos.

        I am also concerned at how they go about doing business and sharing information with their customers if there is so much potential for "misinformation". If it is such a problem for them, maybe Mr Sprange should just keep his mouth shut until everything is actually signed, sealed and delivered.
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          I'm reasonably sure that Matthew isn't talking about any fan postings as the miscommunication, more likely a third party such as an agent or somebody at WB or other parties we're not aware of. However, while I could see such an entity perhaps sending JMS an incorrect draft that would have an unprofessional presentation (the net handles instead of real names for instance), the level of writing and editing that JMS commented on doesn't seem likely to be due to that sort of 'miscommunication'.

          Best thing we can do is just as we did this time. Wait and see and check any new info from Mongoose with JMS before believing it completely.

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            Yes, I suppose that does sound like a more likely candidate for the miscommunicating third party. And if JMS is still willing to listen, I see no harm in Sprange trying to talk things out. If it indeed concerns things that can be resolved by talking it over, off course, which I'm not entirely sure about. But I guess I'll wait and see, and with regards to any potential future messages concerning JMS's involvement I'll wait for JMS to confirm (or deny) them.


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              Thanks for relaying to here any piece of information and updates you encounter, Shabaz. I, for one, appreciate it.


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                JMS read at least some of the proposed manuscripts and basically thinks they suck. Therefore he will have nothing to do with the project. Where is there room for "third parties" and "miscommunication" in all this?

                I think Matthew is still doing what he has done all along, spinning madly to put the best possible face on a bad situation. It appears he never learned the valuable lesson that when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you need to do is stop digging.


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