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  • B5 Telemovies on DVD have listed the region 2 compilation of Thirdspace, River of Souls and Call to Arms. Release date is 16/08/2004, and the full listing can be found here

    No cover-art as yet, but this company often has dates pegged ahead of rivals, so if they have it listed then chances are they're correct.

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    Cool. Question, though...isn't it kind of odd that the R2 movie DVDs will be coming out so close to the release of Season 5? I know S5 is coming out 4/13 here in R1 and Region 2 is generally at least 4 months behind.

    Or maybe you'll get it before we do. Happy for you if that's the case!

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      No, we're getting season 5 on the 19th March. No big delay this time!


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        What about In the Beginning with proper commentary and such..?
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          Looks as though it's not being included on the new compilation as it's already been released.


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            That's odd, since JMS had said that it would be....


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              Or maybe they're posting information before they have all the information, in order to get a jump on the competition.
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                Like I said, they're usually very accurate. However it may be that the region 1 edition will feature ITB - which would make sense, since JMS is more likely to be commenting on the North American release than the European release. It wouldn't be the first time that there was a difference between regions - region 2 got The Gathering and ITB on separate discs, whereas they were a single flip-disc for region 1.

                Anyway, I'm just glad to see a confirmed release date


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                  I thought it would be cool to put the three movies on the Crusade set, mainly because CTA fits in with the show. Secondly, it would cheaper to buy them in one swipe. But WB gotta make der dollars, yo.
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                    Just an optimistic thought...

                    Perhaps Thirdspace, River of Souls, and Call to Arms will be on one set of DVDs by themselves, and In the Beginning and The Gathering with loads of commentary and extras will be another package release later down the road? Could be as JMS has already stated the planned re-release of The Gathering with the other tele-movies.

                    My guess, along with others of you is that WB is stretching the movies out for more cash..... *sigh* corporate suits!!

                    Then of course, Crusade episodes inclusive on one package of DVDs.

                    We could be in for multiple releases of Babylon 5 stuff for the next year after the release of S5 on the 13th!

                    Happy, Happy Joy, Joy!!!!!!!



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                      The reason this set has onyl got the final 3 tv movies is that hte first 2 were released before B5 seasons came out on DVD so i guess its so it doesn`t annoy peeps like me who have already got teh first 2 but not the final 3, but tpo be honest if a box set with all of them in came out then i would still get it and just give me first 2 to my dad!

                      got to wait till August for this box which is annoying but i suppose it gives me time to save up, it will have to be a me month instead of the kids!!!


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                        Just because some of the movies have already been released individually doesnt necessarily mean they wont be sold
                        altogether at some point. I think they'd stand to make alot of money off the people who'd only bought one or two of them due to the added features in the pack (raises a hand).
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