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B5: TLT Memory of Shadows ?

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  • B5: TLT Memory of Shadows ?


    I was very excited to learn that there will be new B5 material being filmed. The greatest thing is that JMS will be at the helm and some of the original characters are returning.

    This got me thinking. With this renewed interest in B5, is it possible that JMS will revisit the script that he wrote for Memory of Shadows (MOS). MOS was originally supposed to be a theatrical movie involving the Galen character. Now with Peter Woodward being in The Lost Tales, hopefully this will enable JMS to revisit MOS and have it as one of the mini movies that's scheduled to be produced and released.

    Or is JMS still holding on to that script in hopes that it will eventually be produced and released for theaters?

    I'm really looking forward to seeing these mini movies. Question, how long is a mini movie?

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    JMS doesn't own that script. The film company that tried to put the TMoS deal together owns it. So, that story is completely off the table.


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      Hi Truth66, welcome.

      I'm afraid that it's unlikely that we'll see the TMoS story any time soon, if at all. You see, the people who optioned the movie rights also commissioned the script. JMS *can't* use that script without getting the rights back from the ones who commissioned it so I'm afraid that any story elements that were unique to the TMoS story are unlikely to be seen in the Lost Tales.

      As to your second question, originally there were supposed to be three half-hour segments on the first disk. Because of the technical requirements and CGI needs, it was decided to move one of the segments back to the next disk, assuming that sales warrant WB greenlighting it. So now there will be two segments on this first disk but JMS has adjusted the scripts so that they're now 3/4 of an hour long each. Those plus half an hour of extras will make the planned 2 hour disk. JMS's post about the change can be found here.

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