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    I always like Sci-Fi writers to come up with really ├┤unbelievably├ believable aliens, hence the reason why I liked B5 so much. It was the idea behind the Shadows that initially caught my attention and lured me in to the larger storyline. Those real nasty aliens from Starship Troopers were a product of a great imagination as was the she-alien from Aliens. From my youth there were the Triffids and for the Brits among us the Cybermen and the Daleks from Dr Who. For comedy it has to be the 2 characters from Mystery Science Theatre.

    Anyone else got some favourite aliens they'd like to share with the forum?

    When I've thought about this I'll come back with a top 5 or 10.
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    Re: Poll: Fav Aliens

    Originally posted by Enigma
    Anyone else got some favourite aliens they'd like to share with the forum?
    Farscape: Rygel and Pilot.
    B5: Na'Grath

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      Fave aliens?

      #1 favorite of all time: Marvin the Martian.

      Favorite heavy: Darth Vader

      Favorite "good" alien: Lou Gossett in Enemy Mine.

      Best ensemble of aliens: By far, Bab5.

      Least favorite aliens: Eyebrows of the week on Star Trek: The Many Incarnations.
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        Most favorite Aliens from across the bounds of the Science Fiction no special order........

        The Borg - Star Trek

        The Scarrans - Farscape

        The Nebari - Farscape

        The Delvians - Farscape

        Scorpius - Farscape

        The Cybermen - Dr. Who

        Davros (Creator of the Daleks) - Dr. Who

        The Shadows - Babylon 5

        The Vorlons - Babylon 5

        The Minbari - Babylon 5

        G'Kar - Babylon 5

        The Arachnids - Starship Troopers

        The Xindi Insectoids - Star Trek: Enterprise

        The Xindi Reptilians - Star Trek: Enterprise

        Predator Aliens - Predator Films

        Aliens - Alien Trilogy

        The Tenctonese - Alien Nation (made me laugh)

        Zaphod Beeblebrox - Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy (made me laugh)

        All of the nasties on Red Dwarf (they too made me laugh)

        There are others, but list is getting long.

        As you can see, I prefer non-human/humanoid or mammalian species...the more exotic the better!



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          For my favorites, I'd have to look back to Dr. Who. Nothing better than seeing a cyberman or dalek running around!


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            My favorite Alien is Alien
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              By far the best aliens, IMO, were the "Moties" from A Mote in God's Eye. Dunno why they never made that book into a movie, it's got everything you need.
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