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Who is Earth representative to the Alliance

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  • Who is Earth representative to the Alliance

    Its not Sheridan is it? That would be a contradiction in terms. Despite being human, as president the implication would be that Earth would be blindly agreeing to everything the alliance dictates - which wouldnt be the case surely?

    Is it Lochley? the Captain of B5 has traditionally always had a dual role as Earth ambassador but then you never see her at Alliance meetings - such as the signing of the declaration of principles, and also why does'nt earth (as one of the 4 remaining galactic superpowers) have a voice on the ruling council...again, just because Sheridan is El Presidente its not representative is it? Or, when Delenn became president was the Minbari position on the council removed and a Human put in place???

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    I think that as long as the Alliance was quartered on B5, Lochley probably continued the tradition of the dual role. Her ceremonial duties, such as attending the swearing-in of the President would, of necessity be secondary to her duty to the Station which included finding out who was trying to assasinate Sheridan. That would explain her absense. We also only saw debate about the Declaration. If she was in favor, she might have skipped all the bickering (okay, I'm stretching, here ).

    Once they made the move to Minbar, of necessity a new representative would have had to be chosen but we never saw any Alliance meetings held on Minbar.

    Delenn, Londo and G'Kar made up the Advisiory Board, akin to our president's Cabinet, not a ruling council. Any new ambassador wouldn't necessarily be automatically included in that body.

    That's the long version. The short version is that after having to introduce Lochley, there was no room in the budget or the story for another regular character.

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      Since we only saw the first year of the Interstellar Alliance in operation, maybe one could explain a lack of a seperate Earth representative as Earth's global Senate taking a long time to ratify a nomination to the possition?


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        Oh no, lets jump straight to episode IV where the Emperor dissolves the senate.... oh wait, thats not it.
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          Originally posted by Ranger1
          Oh no, lets jump straight to episode IV where the Emperor dissolves the senate.... oh wait, thats not it.

          I was just gonna say...Sheridan should have just declared himself dictator-for-life of Earth. That would have solved all these questions.

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