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  • Really fun idea for dorks

    The other day, a buddy of mine from back in CA, who is watching B5 straight through to get ready for Season 5 next month, told me via IM he was about to watch "The Coming of Shadows" episode.

    I told him to wait and I put it on. And we proceeded to do our own commentary/MST3K. It was total improv. And it was good. So we are thinking of doing it again and more eps but this time record the commentary. It was a total blast. Try it sometime.
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    Well according to the dictionary the word ''commentary'' can be defined as ''a series of comments, explanations, or annotations but, so yes, yes you could voice over a B5 episode with your own comments (however shallow) and proclaim the finished product to be a commentary.

    Though unless you have some involvement with the creative process that went into the work, its not only lame, lame really really lame thing to do in your spare time but also bears testimony to your sense humour......
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