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Favourite Babylon 5 Story Arc?

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  • Favourite Babylon 5 Story Arc?

    I was watching a few random episodes of B5 last week and I got thinking (sometimes not a good thing), with so many different story arcs in the series, which is the best one?

    For me this question was really hard as the various story arcs obviously merge with other story arcs creating the bigger story line. Then there's the different categories of story arcs like character story arcs and political/world story arcs.

    If I had to choose one story arc it would be a toss up between Garibaldi or Dr. Franklin as both had to confront their inner demons in order to come out the other end.

    Curious what others think their favourite story arc(s) was and why.

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    Ooh, intriguing question! I think I'm going to go with Londo. It was just such a complex story and he struggled so hard to undo what he'd set into motion. Second would be the Londo/G'Kar arc of going from enemies to friends.

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      Two I would also add would be Lyta and Bester.

      Lyta spends most of the series being used intentionally and unintentionally by everyone. Motives aside one of the more interesting arcs of the series is how people get her to help them through manipulation. Often good intentions leave her out to dry. One of the best parts of Season 5 is the consequences of what has come before with how she has been treated throughout the series. Does Sheridan pay the price for leaning on her so heavily and then tending to forget she exists when she isn't needed. I think it is fantastic.

      The great thing about Bester's arc is that he basically has none. For all intents and purposes the Alfred Bester we meet in Season One is the same Alfred Bester we always get. Sure he learns things, but we don't see him change or grow and this is his arc. He experiences these things, but is always locked into himself. There is no growth or real enlightenment, no arc.
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        Hands down Londo and G'Kar, they are the beating heart of the series (for me at least).
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          Very Interesting comments so far. Yes I was leaning towards the Londo and G'Kar arcs as well. I think in the way of tragedy, these characters experienced the most.

          Intersting about the reference about Bester. He defintely doesn't really grow or change much over the course of the series. I think if Crusade continued, Bester's character would have continued as JMS indicated in the special features of Crusade that more information about the telepath war would have eventually been told. It's hard to imagine anything regarding a telepath war without Bester in there somewhere.