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Londo Prophecy (morella) and the 2nd chance

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  • Londo Prophecy (morella) and the 2nd chance

    when Joe clarified in early s4 that the 1st chance was g'kar's eye, and the 2nd chance was sheridan (the third chance being the death of londo scene), I knew there was a logic problem but never thought more about it. the issue was Londo was supposed to be able to take the 3rd chance even if he blew the 2nd chance - but what happened of course was the 2nd chance being correctly attempted immediately necessitated the 3rd chance.

    25 years pass, and a post on reddit about this gets my attention. the issue is as follows -

    1. Dramatically, when you give someone 3 chances, they are going to blow the first 2, and at the very last take the 3rd. this is like one of those 'show the gun on the wall in act 1, use by act 3' things imo.

    2. the first two missed chances have to be pretty obvious, even if only in retrospect, to the audience, and (tv) have to be SHOWN in the show. Gkar's eye certainly is obvious in retrospect.

    3. when the prophecy episode was filmed, the WWE2 episode was filmed a couple of months ~~ later, closing the prophecy as londo faces his ultimate fear. at that point, the PTEN problem was not known publicly and possibly not at all to joe. certainly not to the point he was planning on a truncated show.

    4. before s4 starts filming, he realizes he has no network for any s5 renewal. he chooses to wrap up the major plot elements all in s4, a compression of several episodes. I believe he has said he would have ended the season on 'the face of the enemy?'

    5. he has previously stated Into the fire would have been a two-parter. I think it is reasonable to suggest there would have been net either 50 or 100 extra minutes for the wrap-up of the shadow war (7 or 8 episodes vs 6).

    6. The thinking that was spelled out for me, and that makes sense, is that Morden was intended to be the one who is already dead. given the nuke blast in Z, the setup for some form of re-animated Morden is certainly there. reduced exposition time with the PTEN problem almost certainly required cutting things that were critical to the plot as set up. considering that all of s4 was written knowing the pten problem, it isn't a leap to suggest he simple moved the 'dead' label to sheridan, who might have been gravely wounded and sustained by Lorien vs. 'dead' and morden the walking zombie. r/brasswirebrush spelled this out for me on the b5 reddit forum, and it makes a lot of sense. There would no longer be a need to eliminate Morden, and Londo would quite easily not take any chance to NOT kill him. 2nd chance missed.

    Joe has said at different points he prefers to let 'what if' on some things remain unknown.

    i will add that if the show were 'story by writing committee' that I would believe anything was possible, but this was Joe's story, and a sloppy 2nd/3rd chance resolution as shown isn't how the '3 chances' thing would be planned to work, in my opinion. Under this theory, he simply had to cut things from the shadow war in s4 that he had no way to fix if he was going to finish the show in 1 season, and moved some elements around to let sheridan fill-in as the 2nd chance, with some hand waving and a conveniently passing comet (look, a comet!) to push it through.
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