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Rumor of Babylon 5 Blu-ray release

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  • Looney
    As I have stated elsewhere, this seems frightening given the issues we have heard about the "Re-Masters". Hope and hope for years and then it sounds like you are getting what you want, but it might be full of mistakes. I mean I am all for the release, as long as it is perfect. And I don't mean the picture has to be perfect HD quality. I mean the "Re-Master" issues have to be fixed.

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  • gs4291
    started a topic Rumor of Babylon 5 Blu-ray release

    Rumor of Babylon 5 Blu-ray release

    Wow - I was one of those who thought there was little chance of it, but there's a credible report that a Babylon 5 Blu-ray release may be coming:
    Also, we’re starting to hear rumors that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is cooking up a Blu-ray release of the classic Babylon 5 TV series, which would presumably involve some kind of upsampling and remastering. But a number of European retailers have set a Babylon 5: Complete Collection for tentative Blu-ray release in March. We’ll keep our eyes on this and post as we learn more.

    This is the same source which broke early news about the upcoming Lord of the Rings 4K release, and there's at least one Swedish website which has it available for pre-order for March 2021:

    This is obviously coming while the show has recently had a "remastered" version released on a number of streaming platforms - it seems very likely the two are connected.

    I'm by no means a technical expert but these remastered versions are still "DVD" quality* and not HD, so I'm not sure why this would be a Blu-ray release rather than a DVD - there may well be other technical or quality benefits - or maybe Blu-ray is just the physical format of choice for WB, regardless of the source material...

    *although the CGI/composite footage is drastically improved over the current DVD release

    jms has been asked for comment on Twitter but, as usually seems to be the case, no-one at Warner Bros. has spoken to him about any of this:
    I know nothing more than you do about this. My guess is this is a release of the somewhat improved versions now in Itunes, but that's all it is, a guess, assuming of course that their information is correct to start with.