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    For anyone who's been waiting, all the episodes on iTunes have now been replaced with the new versions. None of the TV movies (including The Gathering) appear to have been included in the "remastering" effort so far.

    There are two errors where a few minutes have been removed, full details below for reference:

    Season 1, Episode 20 - "Babylon Squared"
    original length: 43m 47s
    new length: 41m 01s
    missing footage: 2m 46s
    missing footage starts @ 40:14

    Season 4, Episode 1 - "The Hour of the Wolf"
    original length: 43m 44s
    new length: 41m 49s
    missing footage: 1m 55s
    missing footage starts @ 01:20

    Later today I'll start looking into where and how it's best to raise this issues - they're happening on both iTunes and Amazon, so the issue seems to ultimately be on WB's end, but I assume it can't hurt to raise it with Apple and Amazon as well. If anyone has already had any luck raising it please let me know.


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      • I stay with my region 2 DVD's. Live-Action shots looks better ( more clear) for me on the widescreen DVD's


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        Best thing would be a SD on Blu-ray release of these new 4:3 remasters.
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          I'm not so sure, givne the ubiquity of streaming servives these days, surely either a wb partnership with an existing one or including it in a catalog of their own one would be better. From my own perspective the only media i have on physical copy is the stuff i cannot stream.
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            And what do you do when you loose the ability to stream that media?
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