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The Babylon Podcast, now with live interactive broadcasts.

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  • The Babylon Podcast, now with live interactive broadcasts.

    I did a search for 'podcast' and already found a thread on this, but I thought I'd make a new one now they've put out a good few more episodes, and started doing live broadcasts of the recordings of their episodes. And just to be clear, I've no official connection to the 'cast.

    I personally think the Babylon Podcast is one of the best things since sliced bread, as far as B5 fandom related things go, and I have been catching up with all of their episodes in the last couple of months. The shows consist of episode discussions, discussion of feedback they get from listeners, and, my personal favourite, interviews with B5 cast and crew. The show is hosted by Summer Brooks and Tim Callender, the two resident B5 geeks (in a good way, of course), and Jeffrey Willerth, their connection to the production side of B5, him having been producerÆs associate for b5, and the guy stuck inside the Kosh suit.

    Jeffrey is also the one who gets them most of their interview guests, from cast, crew, and some other places (a B5 fan at NASA, who also acted as B5's connection to the agency during production of B5, was interviewed for instance). The list of cast members they've interviewed so far is pretty impressive, consisting of Jason Carter, Walter Koenig, Bruce Boxleitner, Patricia Tallman, Stephen Furst, Julie Caitlin Brown, and Wayne Alexander. Also, most of the crew interviews are genuinely interesting, which have included interviews with a prop maker, prosthetics, someone from food services, one of the editors, and even the Producer of B5, John Copeland (not yet broadcast).

    The reason I thought of making this thread however is that they recently have started to do live broadcasts of their podcast recordings (which are normally only made available for download after the fact). On Wednesday 9pm EDT or 6pm PDT, they record the podcast. And you can tune in live by pointing your media player (Winamp, WMP, iTunes, or most other players you can plug a url into) to either (server in the US) or (server in Australia). Furthermore, you can join the Babylon Podcast IRC channel to participate, at #babylonpodcast on the server. Summer, one of the hosts, was there last week when they did this for the first time, to take suggestions for questions to their guest, and interact with us in general. It was a lot of fun, and they did a great interview with the above mentioned John Copeland.

    I think a lot of you would enjoy both the podcast, and the live recordings of it. Jeffrey said last week that he already has a guest lined up for coming Wednesday, so you should be able to join in with an interview episode next week, if all goes right. The chatroom could do with some more people, so I hope a lot of you will join in.

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    Yup, that's really cool. I think I'll try to join in for the next one perhaps. The geek in me just keeps getting more and more resources to come out

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      Cool. Just to make sure you know; they won't be doing a livecast this week because Tim is travelling. The first part of the above mentioned John Copeland interview is up though.


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        I've just started listening to the podcasts and found them rather enjoyable.

        I usually listen to Mark Kermode's film reviews and the Tachyon TV 'commentaries' for 'not so well recieved' Doctor Who stories. Both of which can be very funny but aggressively irreverent.

        It's nice to hear people talking about something they like in a polite fashion (just for the contrast alone).
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