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    Originally posted by Looney View Post
    Yes there is so much to work with. There could be an entire show set on the station that takes place at any time during the original arc from THE GATHERING to SLEEPING IN LIGHT and not one original cast member need ever actually be seen - because that is just how big Babylon 5 is. Or there could be an entire arc that takes place from THE LOST TALES to SLEEPING IN LIGHT that has occasional guest stars like Delenn or Lyta passing through or something with Lennier?! How about the likes of Na'Toth or Ta'Lon?! I highly doubt anyone would green light the financing for a project that brings back the surviving cast in starring roles, but like I said they could be guest stars, they could just be referenced in a tale that is set in the same time or there could be an entire story set in the same time that never brings up their names (I wouldn't want to see that, but it could happen.) Point being, the original arc could be continued or expanded while still being in the same frame.
    Severe: agreed, agreed and agreed

    To joke around: What ever happened to Garibaldi's motorcycle?
    Was it transferred to Mars? Or did it blast with B5?

    Originally posted by Looney View Post
    One thing I wouldn't want to see is a prequel series. Prequel movies would be fine, but not a whole series.
    You don't want to see an (post-)apocalyptic series on the San Diego event?
    A series in the times when the Centauri discovered Earth?
    (Bit tricky without a young Londo)

    Originally posted by Looney View Post
    I don't really want to see a full on re-imagining with a new cast, but I'd take it.
    Worst case scenario
    As I said before: in this case I would quit the B5-universe to rewatch STARGATE for all future. Or so.


    "The fans have expressed considerable interest in seeing what happens to Lyta and G'Kar. Their story alone could be a series, frankly." [JMS year 2000 interview]