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Question about the Earth-Minbari war.

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    I hate quoting people its not nice but.....

    Cronan, good points all, but MY point was that the Vorlons only seem to be "articulate" (with the exception of the scene when Kosh is dying - and even then Kosh takes on a familiar form and uses the familiar words and ideas) when they are feeding back to the others what they already know.

    In other words, the Vorlons say little on their own - they just seem to say familiar things in unfamiliar ways. Which feeds the idea that they don't think in words, like the others do.

    If Kosh was telling either Sheridan and G'kar what they already (''know'') understand , then there wouldnt be any point in the conversation taking place. Wont accept that? Fine.

    Lets look up know.

    1 To perceive directly; grasp in the mind with clarity or certainty.
    2 To regard as true beyond doubt: I know she won't fail.
    3 To have a practical understanding of, as through experience; be skilled in: knows how to cook.
    4 To have fixed in the mind: knows her Latin verbs.
    5 To have experience of: ôa black stubble that had known no razorö (William Faulkner).

    6 To perceive as familiar; recognize: I know that face.
    7 To be acquainted with: He doesn't know his neighbors.
    8 To be able to distinguish; recognize as distinct: knows right from wrong.
    9 To discern the character or nature of: knew him for a liar.
    Archaic. To have sexual intercourse with.

    Okay the word ''know'' is vague enough to mean any number of things. So you need to be more specific here. Did they know any of these things subconciously or otherwise?

    Impossible to know for certain: theyre not real: theres no way we can be sure. My take on Gkar BK (before Kosh) was that his hatred was ran deep, rooted to the very core of his soul. If left to grow and fester, this hatred would have continued to influenced who he was. Theres a point when the hatred overrides all reason, rationality, common sense, everything else (we see this lots of times). To be more specific, Gkars hatred drastically changed his perceptions of the world as he ''knew'' it.

    In other words, it wasnt a matter of what Gkar ''knew'', so much as ''felt''. When Kosh changed Gkars way of ''feeling'', which greatly infuences the ''knowing'', he changed what Gkar ''knew'' by default.

    It might be interesting to note that all human (and presumably Narn) thought springs from emotion first, at which point the brain applies logic......

    Now someone plz change the subject fast.

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