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    Originally posted by Joseph DeMartino
    Hardly "all the models".
    You're right, that was an exxageration. But even if they only re-build some of the (CG) models, it's a start, and it reduces the cost involved in a possible redoing of all the effects. And let's say JMS would love to see such a thing done too, then he could use TLT to make sure that as much models as possible are produced.

    And I agree that having those 3d models is only the first step - and it wouldn't even be necessary if Warners wouldn't have lost the original ones - but once you've got the rendered model, you can use it in as much scenes as you'd like. So at least you got (part of) the one-off cost out of the way.


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      ...but once you've got the rendered model...
      You don't really end up with a "rendered model". You have your wireframe, you have the texture and color files, but you don't do any rendering until you've designed the final shot, the lighting, etc. So, again, while doing new models and even stock shots like B5 in orbit or cargo ships arriving, saves a little, but only a small fraction of what would have to be recreated for the series. Some Star Furies, EA Destroyers and Minbari Sharlin models do not The Battle of Line Make.

      (There's an easter egg on the DVDs, I think it is on the last disc of S5, that shows a basic station shot from colored polygons to finished and lit rendering which gives an idea of how much is involved in even a simple shot - and even there they don't show the whole process from wireframe up.)


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        Not to mention proper animation, which from what little I understand is three times the task that setting up your base model is.
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