So I started a thread back in July (whihc seems to ahve disappeared) about watching B5 with my Girlfriend. However we have many other series to watch and B5 has been put on hold.

Instead I've engaged with L another friend to whom I showed Midnight on the Firing line and Soul hunter.

I'll try and do it in teh style of the C^T thread, however I'm going to be showing her the whole thing, warts and all.
I've eplzined it's a "novel for television" with season 1 as prologue, seasons 2,3 and 4 as acts I , II and III and season 5 as epilogue

Thus far she's quite engged, she likes Ivanova, loves Michael Garibaldi, a little cool on the commander, thinks Talia's accent is "affected and put on, it anoys her.

Other poitns to note
Native finnish spekaer, but exceleltn linguist with skills in english, swedish, dutch and german. She's irked by the fact the subtitles on the DVDs in english are innacurate.
So here's to hoping she'll engage, Iv'e bribed her with "you can wathc dr who on my projector and big screen if you le tme show you B5." I'm hoping as the stoies move on she'll get more engaged, plus it's an excuse for em to do a rewatch.
I'l keep ye informed.
on the "I stopepd doing these in 2016, I think I'll revive them for 2019" ID