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    Originally posted by SpanishFan
    I was thinking... with JMS being kind of a hot writer in Hollywood now, maybe the owner dusts off the script and we can watch the movie in a few years.
    I'm not really familiar with the bussiness so, anyone knows if this is possible at all?
    What caused the project to dead-end was that the person/company (I've never been sure which it was) wasn't able to put the financial package together in order to make the movie. If he/they were to attempt it again, they'd need to pay JMS for the option again because, while they own the script, he owns the movie rights. It sounds like WB would be more amenable to getting behind a feature lately, though.

    By the way, if I recall correctly, JMS couldn't get the script made BUT he could sell it in script form. You think he would consider selling it with cafepress when he's done with Crusade?
    If I understand things correctly, yes, he could publish the script as a script (not a short story or anything else). Whether he'll want to do so probably depends on whether there's something in that script that he hopes to use in the future and possibly whether the script remains what he'd want to have made. I noticed in this post when he explained the dead-ending of the project that he mentioned
    the script went through many revisions
    which is quite unlike JMS.

    Guess we'll find out after the B5 scripts are all out. It's still too early to ask him about it, I think.

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      I asked B5scripts this question at the beginning

      they said that they feel like it can't be included but JMS would include it in vol 15 if legal -- I assume from the response that it won't be there so then it is not canon...

      that is memory of shadows... They replied in 24 hours and apologized for being late (they had to talk with JMS about my question)...