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Babylon 5- The Lost Tales *SPOILERS*

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  • Originally posted by RMcD View Post
    Bummer if it's true, but two months behind R1 isn't near as bad as I'd feared it might have been, and at least there is a date now..
    And it isn't even 2 months, since the R1 release date is the 27th July. The gap between the two is therefore 5 and a half weeks. Still 5 and a half weeks too long for my tastes, but at least it isn't the several months we had to wait for season 5 to get here.
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    • Originally posted by raw_bean View Post
      "Due for release on 03/09/2007"

      Booooo! Hope this ins't true. It'd be rubbish if the Region 2 release is very much behind the Region 1 date.

      Might one inquire as to where you found that date?
      What's up Drakh?


      • Originally posted by I love Lyta View Post
        Might one inquire as to where you found that date?
        It's here:


        • Ah cool, thanks.
          So far I hadn't found any reference to it.
          What's up Drakh?


          • As an interesting aside, according to this site:

            Customers who bought Babylon 5: Lost Tales also bought:

            Billy Talent: Scandalous Travelers
            Transformers: The Complete Generation One Collection (14 Discs)
            The Butterfly Effect 2
            Surface: The Complete Series (4 Discs)
            The O.C. (Orange County): Complete Season 4
            It is true that I have been known to listen to Billy Talent and own all the Transformers G1 DVDs, though I'm not sure what to make of the others..


            • Artwork and msrp revealed! According to this site, it will be released on July 31.


              I cannot wait for this!
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