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San Diego comic convention?

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  • San Diego comic convention?

    I am on the wrong end of the country, but wanted to pass on that I saw an article or advert at:

    The article said that " ... Ray Bradbury, "Babylon 5" creator and Marvel Comics writer J. Michael Straczynski, original "Star Trek" cast member Walter Koenig..... " are supposed to attend an "Annual San Diego ComicCon" next weekend (July 21-22).

    I have never attended a comic convention and cannot verify that this is a legitimate advert. Please check before paying for any money to anyone. I subscribe to a news alert service via Google and receive e-mails that point to any news articles that mention "Babylon" and "5," which is how I saw this article (it is not a perfect system. Every time the little league team in the town of Babylon scores 5 runs or their opponent does, I receive a note about it).

    If this event is for real, it sounds like it must be one of the stronger comic cons.

    I wanted to mention this as, I guess, if B5 fans who live nearby show up, it might demonstrate continuing interest for whatever that's worth. I will attend if they show up in my area or an adjacent area.

    Now if only Messrs. Straczynski and Koenig would discuss possible future projects such as a mini series about ( redacted to avoid even the hint of me trying to give a story idea).
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    Hi, Moelawn!

    Thanks for the heads up. It's definitely legitimate--San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest, most highly respected cons in the country and JMS, Ray Bradbury, Stan Lee, Walter Koenig and many others will indeed be attending. As will I and DougO and a few others.

    As for future B5 stuff, JMS has reported meetings with WB and hopes to be able to say something definite at the con.

    Here's a link to the Comic Con site and another to another thread where we've been talking about it and sharing bits about the schedule.

    I just noticed last night that Tracy Scoggins will be there, too. It's gonna be a great long weekend!

    closing this thread so we can keep the original one.
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