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  • B5 up for download

    did anyone buy it? Is it good quality? Supossedly you download it on the bittorrent or somethin.. will i be able to see it on my apple computer? (it does not say anything on the facts, only that uses the windows media player format)... thanks..
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    Hmm, quicktime on the MAC can read some Windows media, but not all. The freware VLC player is pretty good though.

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      down with illegal uploads

      If there has not been an official announcement or news about B5 being available for download I doubt it's legal.

      Some AOL service (only available for Windows XP due to the DRM restrictions they wanted to put) mentioned before in its own thread is the only legal way to see B5 through the web I know of. And it's free.

      Regarding watching Windows Media Player files on the Mac:

      That company makes a QuickTime plug-in to view WiMP files, there's a free version (limited to "only" viewing, can't save or export/import .wmv files) for download (the MSFT mactopia site will direct you to it since they have orphaned WiMP for Mac).

      The VLC player is also good, but I haven't tested it much. It does support many video formats, it's updated frequently since it's open source, and you can't beat the price.
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        It was announced recently. First was AOL, then BitTorrent, then this latest.

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          well.. yes I know I have the windows media player for mac. My question really was if it was worth it the download B5 from the page, if it was good quality video etc.. or if they are going to put up some new extra b5 stuff other than season 1 just to have an eye on the page.. thanks anyway..
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