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summoning light techomage book 2 query

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  • summoning light techomage book 2 query

    query about summoning light - technomage book 2. Its unavailable in Australian, so I went looking on the net. From Barnes and Noble, I tracked down a used copy ...

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    Its the second link that has prices at $82.49 and $245.70 ???

    My question ... why is it $245.70 ? I would to finish the series, but at that price I'll guess what happened - (bad things happen, the hero doesn't die, and we set up book 3).

    I'm also curious why book 2 is so rare, but I can guess. Either they didn't print a lot (which implies book 1 didn't sell well, so they reduced the print run), or its a popular book.

    Luckily Amazon has a more decent price, but I'm curious why a second hand book is so expensive.


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    To answer your question, yes, in the later books of the trilogies, the print runs were smaller. As more people have discovered B5, though, interest in them has increased. The same is happening with Peter David's Centauri trilogy.

    EDIT: I've also been hearing that Amazon doesn't really have it available, though it's still listed.

    There may be a very affordable solution if it's still available, though. Check out the first post in this thread for information on how you may still be able to buy the book directly from the author.

    Good luck,
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      That, kids, is REAL price gouging.
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        I just saw copies at our local library book sale this past weekend. They would have been 50 cents each...

        Should have bought them and put them on ebay!!!


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          Just keep checking online bookstores and ebay religously every day, morning, noon and night. I had to do the same with the last centauri trilogy book, but eventually got it cheap. Actually, there is copy of summoning light, supposedly, for $9 on amazon. linkage


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            I had the same problem, I couldn't find the book anywhere, until our moderator Jan showed me the way

            I emailed Mrs.Cavelos and she graciously send me a copy of "Summoning Light" at a very normal price (book plus posting/shipping plus PayPal charge). I was touched and honored that an author would help out her readers this way! She's great!

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              I picked up a few of these at a library cast-off sale this weekend. PM me if interested and/or they'll go on eBay soon.

              [edit: with the opening bid set at 25 cents--exactly what I paid for them]