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"Bonus Theme" - Does anyone know?

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  • vacantlook
    SonicImage's (the company that did the various B5 soundtrack CDs) webpage for The Best of Babylon 5 CD says...

    ...This CD was so far only available as a special introductary teaser for the now cancelled Babylon 5 Game, when you bought products from Sierra Online. The æBonus ThemeÆ was written by Christopher Franke for the Babylon 5 Game.
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  • white_star25
    started a topic "Bonus Theme" - Does anyone know?

    "Bonus Theme" - Does anyone know?

    Years ago, I found by chance and immediatly grabbed the "The Best Of Babylon 5" soundtrack album. I consider it one of my luckiest buys, because I never ever saw this album sold again in other music stores. If any of you find it, then don't leave it, it's a beautiful collection of the best B5 music!

    Anyway, I was wondering about one track of this album, the final track called "Bonus Theme". I've heard that this was written for either a PC game or a movie never made. Is this true? Doing a quick search on the Internet, I find many different answers, so I want to know for sure what it is.