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    This moment in "The Fall of Centauri Prime" had me nearly in tears, almost as much as "Sleeping in Light".

    G'Kar: "Understand that I can never forgive your people for what they did to my world. My people can never forgive your people. But I can forgive you."


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      Last line of WWE2, I gotta agree... "I am called Valen, and we have much work ahead of us."

      Plus I remember being a not-quite-tow-headed boy coming out of my family's den, my eyes wide, and saying to my mother (who'd taped the ep for me the night before... I was young), "THEY FOUND A SHADOW SHIP ON MARS?!?" (Messages from Earth, natch)

      The death/draining of Marcus. Oh, man. (Endgame)

      "I was just noticing... you have her eyes." *SLAP* (Ship of Tears) The terror of wondering, oh boy, does Bester know she's a mini-teep?

      "ALL OF IT, MOLLARI! ALL OF IT!" With the flood of memories to follow, set to that pounding music. (Dust to Dust)

      I'm sure I'll think of more.



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        And the Sky Full of Stars

        Sinclair sending his ship to ram the Minbari cruiser. That was the moment that told me there was something far deeper in his show than anything I'd ever sen before. The moment when it sprawled into the past. I was hooked from that moment.

        I didn't appreciate it at the time but it was the first time we saw the over-riding them of B5: The willingness of people to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.