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DVD collection nightmare!!!

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  • DVD collection nightmare!!!


    I am totally desperate about all of this. This is the story... I have been a fan of B5 for a long time, never had the time, money to invest in getting the complete collection. But It all changed, I decided that I would get all B5 dvd's and have a nice colleciton. What a nightmare, I got season 1 2 & 3 from futureshop last week. When I got home and opened the set's I notice that 2 dvd's in each set's. It's the infamous defective HUB that causes the probleme. So I returned to the store ask for a replacement, after checking the other set's they had in stores, ALL of em had dammaged disc's. So got refund, no dvd's.

    The same they went to a diffence store (Bestbuy), got seaosn 1-2 and they didn't have season 3, so I got the movie collection instead. Season 1 was ok, had to exchange season 2 one more time, the second box set they gave me seems ok (watching it now to confirm). But now it's the Movie collection dvd set that's in probleme. The glue that binds the plastic casing and the box it self seems to have melted some time ago, some glue ended up on DVD it self... (included pictures of this).

    Now seems obvious that my chances of getting undamaged box set is pretty slim. Is their a way to have the damaged disc replaced directly from WB...? I wish I could get the other seasons but now I am afraid that I will get damaged goods and I will be unable to get undamaged discs...

    Anyone has any ideas...

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    Sorry to hear about your problems, Smartlink. Unfortunately, the only time I've heard of WB doing any replacement was with defective disks where the Teaser was cut or something, not with damaged disks. I never had any problems at all and all of mine were mailed. Other people I've heard of have insisted on opening the boxes at the store to ensure getting unscratched disks.

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      Wow now thats bad luck, keep going back to where you got them and ask to replace them or get your money back.

      I got all the seasons from (beside season 4 which i got on a local dvd shop in my country).

      Season 3 had 2 loose DVD's but they are playing alright so no harm done.

      Season 5 i had 1 DVD loose and it skips on one scene (really annoying), i managed to back it up on my harddrive and it played good, so i burned that one DVD as a backup.
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        I don't go to Best Buy very often these days. Both the second and third seasons had scratched discs, and they were dicks about the exchanges. I believe that they didn't have any of the third in stock, so I just demanded my money back and went to Wal-Mart (who hadn't had it in stock when I had originally checked).

        But yeah...Best Buy sucks on returns and exchanges.
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          I bought sme of mine from play, they just stuck the DVDs in a jiffy envelope and of course they were scratched to frell. I returned with a note asking for them to be packaged better, and got them back in the same style of useless jiffy envelope. Gave up and bought from, good packaging and fantastic return policies (example, I live in ireland, got bad DVD18s of columbo (double sided) and complained via amazon automated system.) I got a message back saying (and I quote) "since shipping from your destination is prhibitive we have shipped a new copy to you and do not require the return of the original" some of the discs did play so a firend has half the season from me as a pressie
          Try, I can't really fault them on anything other than slow delivery times
          on the " I just got the complete buffy from amazon @ half price" ID
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            I purchased the 5 seasons from canadian seller on ebay encorebuyandsell Seasons 1-5 . I have gone through him TWICE to get these season sets. meaning I've bought the same sets Twice from them without problems! They came brand new, neatly packaged, a few discs did slip but there was minimal or no damage done to the discs.

            The only problem I had with the recent set I bought from them, was the glue holding the plastic slips to the cardboard had worn off or rather just wasnt doing its job. This was only one slip in season 3 and 5 and I just scrapped the old glue off and a line of glue using a hot glue gun fixed the problem right away.

            Sounds like you had a run of bad luck . . . Sorry to hear that.
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              That sucks, hope you have better luck in the future.

              Also NEVER buy the asian DVDs. They don't work well, and the quality is terrible.


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                good tip Vyse, BEWARE THE ASIAN IMPORTS! Thats why I directly linked to my Canadian seller. they are one of the last legit sellers I can trust for domestic DVD Season Sets!
                "It is said that the future is always born in pain. The history of war is the history of pain. If we are wise, what is born of that pain matures into the promise of a better world, because we learn that we can no longer afford the mistakes of the past." -- G'Kar in Babylon 5:"In the Beginning"


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                  Yeah, I bought the B5 DVDs from Asia and they were terrible. They say that the only difference is the Asian text on the box, and optional chinese subtitles, but that isn't true. They don't work well, Episodes are messed up, chapters are messed up, special features don't work.

                  Luckily I was able to get my $$$ back!


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                    I am afraid of damaging my DVD's (even after I purchased all five seasons b/c the B5 boxes suck bad), so I plan on purchasing the Mvix Multimedia player/USB external hard drive. Of course I am going to rip my DVD's and/or either convert them to one of the supported common formats or keep them as IFO/VOB for quality, I am not sure yet, but more importantly I will have access to my shows and music on a simple Linux base media/USB backup box.

                    I will keep you informed on how it works out when I get it. If your interested here's the link.

                    Check it out:
                    Mvix external drive/media player
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                      Asian imports are evil...very evil. I'm going to chorus in with everyone else and say I ordered the first two seasons from Amazon's marketplace with no problems. Just make sure it says in original shrinkwrap.
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                        Yeah, the safest bet by far is They hace excellent customer service. I ordered a book from them and for some reason it was never delivered. When I told them they responded the same day, and shipped a replacement over night. I got it the very next day.


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                          Just got all the B5 season sets from Amazon, and they are in great condition. After two bad experiences from eBay I'm glad to finally have them!


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                            Mvix external drive/media player Mvix external drive/media player

                            I finally got and tested the Mvix Multimedia player/USB external hard drive and it works as advertised. I installed a 30 gig harddrive for testing (fat32), loaded up on mpgs, mp3's and pictures, and tried it out. Kewl!!!

                            Now this is my new toy, I will overuse for a long time... I plan on getting a bigger harddrive as soon as I can (300+ gigs) and load Babylon 5 episodes, lol.

                            Oh, it comes with a carrying bag and remote (and supports NTFS drives).

                            No more scratched DVD's.
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                            "The world is a dangerous place---not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it" --Albert Einstein